Sophia Love – Uncovering – 20 January 2015


It is 2015 and we are at complete choice now.  No longer are we weighed down by habits of density and separation; we are entering a new paradigm.  We can do so unencumbered by pain, loss, frustration and isolation.  This is accomplished with awareness, recognition and determination.  Our Quest begins today with recognition.

As with any search, you’ll have to dig through some stuff you would rather avoid.  It may be old, unattractive, and uncomfortable, yet familiar.  It most certainly does not bring joy.  These are things you’ve accepted as part of life, of your life.  They have morphed into parts of your self-definition.

They are not “good” parts as in “I’m a good piano player” or “I love animals”.  No, these parts are more uncomfortable; yet just as familiar. “No one ever understands me.”  “(Men) or (Women) always leave me and are not trustworthy.”  “All relationships end in disappointment.”  There are many versions.  None of them are life enhancing.  Each of them is a road block to Agape.

It’s not necessary to dig out why they exist.  They do.  It is time to look at them honestly and without rigidity.  We are entering a new era and things are about to change.  They don’t have to be a part of your make-up any longer.  You can choose again.  You can let them go.  The energy is ripe for renewal.

Letting them go starts with finding them and seeing them without judgment.  Not good or bad, but parts of you no longer interesting.  They’ve served their purpose.  At this point, you “get” what it feels like to be disappointed, angry, anxious, fearful or self-absorbed.  Been there.  Done that.  Next.

What’s next is acceptance.  A multi-dimensional eternal being has been and is every possibility.  Life is continuous, current and happening now.  Oneness includes not only every type of life form but each personality.  Before we can unconditionally accept people from other countries, belief systems or planets, we must absorb every facet of who we are.

Rejection, denial, hatred and disappointment of any part of you or anyone else are conditional actions.  We are One. Loving without judgment means that all of you is okay, worthy of honor and deserving of love.

When you discover, uncover and actually face the parts of you causing pain – do not hate them.  Love them gently and hold them in your light.  Say “I’m sorry for hating you so; you should have gotten a better deal.”  Then say “I understand who you are, yet I am doing this now.  Come with me.”  Then watch as the parts you thought were just un-changeable parts of you, morph into something else.  This is you, consciously chosen.  This is you, loved in fullness.

You are here to do this.  You have come now and are reading these words to “get” love without condition.  Your ability to do this is not in question, nor is your desire.  It will not feel easy or simple, but you did not come for that.  You came for Agape.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,


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