John Ward – Revealed: Why Neoliberal Hegemony Is As Much To Do With Ageing Up As Dumbing Down – 23 January 2015

JohnWAGEING EUROPE: When Alexis Tsipras triumphs on Sunday, analysts should appreciate the size of his achievement

This is a revealing table:

ukagedemo71-11ptnetIt shows, that, in the UK:

1. 45 years ago, there were 30% more young idealists

2. Today versus 45 years ago, there are 28% more cautious child-rearers

2. Equally, there are 75% more 75+ One Nation thinkers…and they’re far less likely to vote.

The net result is – when it comes to turnout – a huge rise in passive acceptors, and an equal decline in those demanding a better future.

Add to this a British education system that discourages original thought and questioning scepticism….and right there you have the reason for the triumph of unfeasible bollocks.

None of this is new news: I merely present it here with statistical back-up to reaffirm just how lucky the neolibs have been in their choice of electorates….because every electorate in the West displays similar characteristics.

And in the immediate context of coming Greek elections, to congratulate the Greeks for their spine in voting for a riskier (but better) future: for the Greeks have the oldest age profile in Europe.

Samaras made a patronising appeal to the fear and infirmity of old age. He has failed. Three cheers for the Greek voter. / link to original article

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