Natural News Launches 3D Print Farm In Texas To Produce Functional Parts For Revolutionary Inventions – 23 January 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) It’s official! As of today, Natural News has a print farm up and running near Austin, Texas, producing small but steady quantities of the very same 3D printable parts the world will soon be able to download for free from

Photos below show some of the parts we have begun to produce via 3D printing. These parts will be offered to the public at a very reasonable price at the same time the downloadable object files are also available for free. (You can choose to print your own for free, or buy them from us already printed, or pay a friend to print them for you, etc.)

Why Texas is a natural choice for entrepreneurs who believe in liberty
The Natural News print farm is based in the business-friendly state of Texas, where we are creating jobs like crazy and bringing innovative new technology to one of the few states that still respects basic liberties and fundamental entrepreneurship.

The Natural News Texas-based 3D print farm is secured with numerous finely-honed firearms openly carried on the hips of numerous people who don’t f*%* around when it comes to security, so we fully expect no thefts to take place here. (God bless Texas yet again!) We also gave some local Sheriff Deputies a tour of our facility, and they loved it!

You may already be aware that Texas is also the home of the Defense Distributed project led by Cody Wilson, inventor of the world’s first 3D printed firearm. The ability of private citizens to print their own plastic objects drives control freaks crazy and sends freedom-hating politicians into seizures and fits.

My own inventions have nothing to do with weapons and everything to do with food self-reliance and home-grown medicine and even food-based supplements. The revolution launches at with freely-downloadable object files. Timetable for the launch? We originally thought Feb. 15, but now it’s looking like the last week in Feb. We’re pushing hard to make sure everyone can get these systems up and running in time for Spring in the Northern hemisphere.

Here are some of the photos of the print farm in action, producing actual parts I created for these upcoming inventions:

Right now, I’m just printing four objects at a time, but as soon as some larger filament spools arrive — 20lb mega-spools! — we’ll be loading up these print plates with 12 objects at a time.

Which 3D printers are we using?
At the moment, we have FlashForge and Type A Machines 3D printers running. Soon to arrive will be an Ultimaker 2 and a Lulzbot Mini, which has just launched at

After hammering all these printers with a few hundred hours of prints, we’re going to pick the best printer and buy more of that one.

This is how we’ll expand our print farm in the near future. My fear is that we won’t be able to ramp up fast enough to meet consumer demand for these parts, so I’m really hoping more people will download the parts and print their own. After all, this is all about the revolution of self-reliance and home-based production, which means I want YOU to produce your own parts!

Read Natural News to learn what works in 3D printing
That’s also why everything I learn about successful printing will be passed on to you in the form of these articles. My goal is to help you avoid all the trials and mistakes I’ve made in 3D printing and help you get up to speed with it as quickly and reliably as possible.

That’s why I’m also testing a variety of different filaments, bed adhesion materials (glue sticks, etc.), print speeds and temperatures, and so on. Whatever works best will be openly communicated with Natural News readers so that you can replicate my results and print these amazing inventions for yourself. / link to original article

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