Boiling Point: Hundreds Of Anti-Fascist Protesters Clash With Police In Italy – 25 January 2015

RT logoClashes broke out at an anti-fascist rally in Cremona, Italy when around 2,000 protesters took to the streets to object to an attack by far-right group supporters. The fracas left a political activist in hospital.

A couple of thousand anti-fascist protesters attended the rally on Saturday, which started off peacefully. The protesters marched through the city center chanting slogans and waving banners to draw awareness to the plight of anti-fascist activist Emilio Visigalli, who is currently in hospital in a serious condition, following last week’s attack by the far-right group CasaPound. He was injured when the event organized by the CSA Dordoni cultural center was attacked on January 18 by dozens of neo-Nazi supporters.

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