WikiLeaks ‘Astonished And Disturbed’: Google Gave Its Major Staff Data To US Govt – 26 January 2015

RT logoThe whistleblowing website has learned that Google handed over to US authorities the digital correspondence and other data from three of its employees on suspected espionage-related charges related to the Chelsea Manning case.

Google informed WikiLeaks on December 24 that it had complied with a March 2012 order by the US Justice Department to hand over the emails and other information pertaining to Sarah Harrison, a British citizen who is Wikileaks’ investigations editor, the spokesperson for the organization, Kristinn Hrafnsson, and Joseph Farrell, a senior editor at the site.

The US search engine giant explained the nearly three-year delay in notifying Wikileaks of the search and seizure warrants, saying it had been under a non-disclosure order not to discuss the investigation.

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