‘India Wants Fruitful Relations With Both US, BRICS’ – 27 January 2015

RT logoIndia knows what to get and from whom, Dr. Sreeram Chaulia of the Jindal School of International Affairs told RT. It wants to hedge its bets and build close relations with BRICS, while trying to attract investment from the US and Europe, he said.

RT: President Obama is on a visit to India. What are the goals he is trying to achieve during this trip?

Sreeram Chaulia: I think he [Barack Obama] is trying to salvage his policy which has not been successful for the last few years. The Americans realized that China has grown stronger and more assertive in the Asia-Pacific. They have neglected India for a long time. And now they are hoping to make up for the past failure by coming back to India in a big way and trying to win Indian confidence to be able to counterbalance Chinese power in the Asia-Pacific. This is one of the biggest political motives.

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