Lisa Gawlas – Insights From Our Star Families!! – 27 January 2015

lisagawlas2There is, once again, so much to share today, thanx to several ET connections yesterday, even, if not, especially one that had to get rescheduled.  I will kick off this sharing with her moment.  She is one of my Jemez sisters and she was not home, instead, she was in the midst of traveling back home from California.  Her moment in time yesterday put her in Arizona en route to home.  About 5 minutes before our connection, I do what I always do, get up and go potty, my own way of clearing everything out from my previous connection.  As I got up from my computer to head to the bathroom, I seen a burst of colorful imagery out in the ET parking zone.  I suddenly realized it was railroad crossing image, blinking lights and all.  What the hell??



And the reason was revealed when she called me.  It was her ET’s way of saying, no passing today, we are here, but your still traveling.  Then they explained something that I think I kinda knew, but the clarity of it was one of those ongoing ah-ha moments yesterday.  When you are traveling, you leave a part of your energy field at home.  They need to connect to the all of her and must wait for her arrival back home.  They showed me why via a visual that I will tray to put into words.

Our energy field, when we are at home, expands and opens naturally to cover the ground outside, keeps the vortexes we create within our homes and yards spinning.  When we travel, that part stays and does it job, so we really do leave a part of ourselves at our home base when we are out and about.  Very much like the soul staying tethered to the body during our etheric expeditions.

It suddenly made sense to me why, so often when I would awake in a hotel room or heck, even at my sons, I couldn’t orient myself to where I was at for a moment after waking up.

OMG, ya know, I didn’t see how the lady and her ET team before her, really was a puzzle piece to this whole thing.  I am going to capsulize what her team shared with her, and of course, is all a part of her ongoing homework to learn.

For the first time ever, in all my ET contact sessions, one of her ET’s, George of Light, showed up in the backyard.  We had already done our first session, so she had already been attuned to his energy and spent the week opening even more to him, so much so that his frequency and her entire field of life frequency are now set to the same radio station.

The first time we all got together, only George of Light revealed himself, even tho there were two other ships present with him, the second ship revealed why it is there with her yesterday.  It was parked in the front yard, but kept flashing from shiny silver metal ship to a white light ship, back to silver and so on.  They explained they are a group energy, that work together and are speaking in one voice so I wasn’t more confused than I already was.  I had George of Light in my back yard, her blinkie ET’s in my front yard and I felt like my eyes were being stretched to the max to see in both directions at the same time.  Her ship in the front yard said we can call them ZZZanZZZiDar.  They eventually explained that there is a very distinct frequency emitted out of our mouths when we say that word.  Feeling the roll of the zzz’s behind my teeth and then the sudden shut off of energy with the Dar part of their name.  Our words and how we use the energy from words, affects the energy around our personal space.

Geez, I can run out of morning so fast.  Let me get to the bigger point lol.  So George of Light was there in the background helping her with her emotional frequency output in her physical life.  The group Zanzidar was showing the effect of the emotional frequency.  Being matter, then light, then matter, then light.

They went on to explain, our brains are programmed to experience matter to stay oriented within the world.  However, it is simply programming and ongoing beliefs that anything is solid, nothing is, we are just so programmed to use the dense part of our brain and our visual cortex, we never even think about dropping that to encompass the higher frequencies that we are seeing.

As I pondered that thought thru  the energying, I got a relationship to the many times I bumped into something, be it a piece of furniture, my freakin car roof (did that the other day) and wondered to myself, how the hell did I not see it.  Because I wasn’t using the program to see it, instead, focused elsewhere in my mind and heart, it did not appear in my line of vision.  The energy of lets just say a piece of furniture has a very different vibrational rate than the light energy of our spiritual team or hell even what we consider ghost or discarnate energies.

Once we really familiarize ourselves with the emotional field of creation, release fully the programming that anything is solid in our world.. that is where we can start to alter the energy design around us.  It is going to take practice, just like it took us tons of practice to get to this phase of evolution, but, we are well on our way.

They also explained that there is going to come a time, distant by our personal view of time, but a time none the less, when earth is going to be a hub for ET relationships as it once was in the past.  They gave me such a wonderful view of humans and a wide variety of ET forms simply walking together, no fear, no stares, it’s just the way it will be.  I look forward to that day and I really hope it is in my lifetime, well, this lifetime.

So to tie in my traveling lady and my emotional blinkie lady’s ET team… they need to connect and adjust to the whole of you, earth, home and human because this is so much more than an etheric fly by!!

I have got to say this again, and again and again… Thank you for the amazing and humbling privilege you give to me every day, the connections to your teams, your heart and soul, to You.  You change me every single day of my life and for that I will never be able to thank you enough or celebrate your presence in my world the way you deserve to be celebrated.

You truly are the flowers of my Shambhala, thank you for the ever rich soul food you provide to me and all that is around you!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of expansion and going beyond what you thought possible… to ALL!!

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