TSA Could Start Snooping On Social Media To Speed Up Security Screenings – 27 January 2015

RT logoThe Transportation Security Agency is already well known for conducting evasive searches at American airports, but new measures may soon see the social media accounts of potential passengers being screened by TSA.

Travelers who wish to bypass TSA’s oft contentious security screenings are currently afforded the opportunity to do so by enrolling in the federal agency’s PreCheck program, an “intelligence-driven, risk-based initiative,” according to TSA, which aims to expedite security checks for frequent travelers and members of the military, among others.

But now in an effort to make that preliminary screening process even easier, TSA may soon let private companies suck up “commercial data” pertaining to passengers, the likes of which may be taken from public social media profiles, personal blogs,and other online material, according to newly filed documents.

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