Blossom Goodchild – 28 January 2015

bloss arizona biggerCase re-opened.

Good morning again. It is quite incredible for me, how this little episode is turning into ‘The Never Ending Story! What a week! I just have to pursue it … for no other reason than to FIND THE TRUTH. After sending out the last communication yesterday … my inbox was filled with heartfelt replies of thanks. Yet … and a BIG YET … there was a lovely email from a lady asking to ask you, how it was that the trees are in full bloom in this second video and yet , living in Massachusetts as she does … they are in the middle of winter and the trees are bare. (Best I don’t write my reaction to this!) You said … that the decision was made to send these orbs out AFTER the hoax video … which is this month of January. PLEASE give me a plausible reason to carry on … for this does not make sense and I NEED YOU to make sense!

I was aware then to record their direct voice coming through. And very happy to have White Cloud come through at the end also.

Click on the link below.


This audio was originally 32mins long. I cut out the 15mins of pauses!!

I really don’t know what to make of it … of their reasoning. I certainly wouldn’t have/couldn’t have come up with this explanation.

I do realize, that for a lot of people, they may think ‘Ah well … whatever’. Yet, for me, to continue chatting with them, depends on how I feel about this.

What I FEEL about THEM is LOVE. What I FEEL about what they have to say about these orb videos is confusion and now, doubt.

I can offer no more than that. Perhaps the case is closed once again … yet, indeed not locked.

I send this out … because I think it right to do so. Yet, such vulnerability is on display in my quest for Truth.

Make of this recording what you will.

I will give myself a little while to think all this through … and see what happens from there.

In Love and thanks

Blossom Goodchild .

It has taken me yet again a few hours to get the audio working on this page … and yet, I am already Lightening up about the whole thing!

I prefer not to put this audio on YouTube. If you have any problem with it … please contact me / link to original article


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