Judith Dagley – Future Relationships Are Woven In The NOW! – 28 January 2015

judithEnergy update!

The “big picture” is reflected in the smallest interactions, the most minor routine chores, the way we relate to everything and anything in every minute (many times a minute, actually).

No detail is NOT part of the fabric of your life.  The future is woven stitch by stitch in every current moment. NOTHING is “inconsequential.”

During the next 3 weeks, notice if the way you are IN RELATIONSHIP with your life is “all of a piece”… in INTEGRITY.

Do your external interactions reflect your inner intentions about the way you wish your life to unfold?

There are no “yes buts.” (Sorry, that’s just the way “IT” is!)
As above, so below. As within, so without.

Once we take responsibility for our own creations AS WE ARE creating them… we KNOW what we are creating.

May all of your creations be loving ones!

And if they aren’t, do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a private session! (YES, you can afford it. I’m putting a sliding scale in place as I type this.)


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