Lisa Gawlas – Birthing Pains And Bliss!! – 28 January 2015

lisagawlas2WOWZERS!!!  I hope you got to experience the energy of yesterday from beginning to… well, at least sleep time!!  I woke up yesterday with a massive pressure system expanding in my head.  Anytime there is a surge in energy and I have a contact over my eye, all hell breaks loose in that eye and sure enough, silly me put a contact on my left eye this week, even when reading after reading, spirit said there is going to be a massive increase in the energies every day, every hour, every minute.  For as much as I am very aware of being human, I cannot believe how often I forget about the human side affects in my body when the energies rise.

I woke up yesterday with liquid just pouring out of my left eye and pain surging from it.  Of course, the previous two days I actually put decided to put my contact in, it started picking, that was a sign I choose to completely ignore, cuz my stubbornness and desire to see without glasses is surely wiser than my body’s warning system…. not!!

At the same time tho, I was so surprised with the dream experience I had as I woke up.  This makes two dreams in this powerful week, I almost never ever dream, so I get excited when I get some insight within dreamtime.  I do want to share the experience with you, even tho it was all about my son, it really is relevant for anyone in the midst of major change within their life.

Just like the dream last week, with the frozen to death divine feminine at the end of my driveway, it was present time, and in the actual place where my son is currently living, at his house.  He and I were outside in the yard and he was in pain, but not just any random pain, labor pains.  I knew he was giving birth and instead of seeing a pregnant belly, I could see the large circle of energy around his body… contracting, releasing, contracting, releasing…  I was pacing with him, reassuring him he is going to be ok, this pain will pass…

The next thing I know, I am watching him strap a boy about 5-7 years old into the passenger side of his truck, at first I thought it was my grandson then I realized with crystal clarity… nooooooo…. this is his new life he just gave birth to.  Keeping it safe for the transition and yet… like spirit has been saying for so long, enter your new experiences with a childlike curiosity and excitement.

My son starts his journey to Boston tomorrow, I think he is going to do a layover for a day or two with our family in Pennsylvania.

I wanted to share this dream experience with you yesterday, but I was lucky to get out what I got out yesterday, the light coming from my computer was searing my eyes and my head.  I typed out a few lines, got up, walked out the pain, sat back down, another few lines out, pace again… no wonder it took me 3 hours to type the little bit I managed to get out yesterday.  But hey… I am dedicated to the task at hand, even if I missed some nuggets along the way.

By the time I published my blog, I had lightening surging thru my head and a waterfall pouring out of my left eye.  I was going to just leave the contact in and ride out the surge cuz I know, when it gets this bad, pulling it out hurts even more.  It didn’t matter, everything in me needed it out… and so I pulled and cried, literally.  It hurt more than I can remember it hurting… what the hell!!??

I had thirty minutes before my first of 3 scheduled ET sessions arrived… and I am doing all I know to do to ease the pain on the entire left side of my head… it didn’t matter, it was expanding not retreating, at least now, I didn’t have anything restricting the expansion of energy.  My first lady happened to be right in the midst of that massive blizzard hitting the northeast and altho I couldn’t hold my focus beyond my own head and eye, I heard her team suggest she use this powerful storm energy for her creational desires.  That was about as insightful as I could get and had to reschedule.

I sat here between appointments, sending energy to my head, to my left eye and praying I am not going to reschedule the whole damn day.  Instantly I had seen myself floating out in the ocean just off of Cape Cod.  I was standing straight up, arms out shoulder to shoulder, bent at the elbows so my hands were up at my head… I looked like a three-pronged fork.  I watched myself in the midst of this massive silver energy system just above the water and I was spinning and moving left to right, forward and backwards as I used my body to wrap the silver energy around me, like I was making a cotton candy cone and my body was the cone.  I didn’t think of doing this all by myself, hell it wasn’t even a thought… it just happened.  But I knew it was important, especially when thru my own searing pain, her team made sure she knew to use the energy system she was in the center of, for her desires.

Hmmmmmmmm…..!!!  I didn’t fully understand it, but I made sure I posted it on facebook.

I was not feeling any better by the time my second appointment arrived, I rescheduled her and decided maybe a bath would have me feeling better.  Rarely does an irritated eye last this long and expand in the pain field… but as I was finding out, this was no ordinary day either.

By now it is fully daylight and the light is piercing my eyes, pain… ouchies… my bathroom has no windows… a bath, an escape from the flooding light of the day.

I took two ibuprofen, jumped in the bath with my lemurian crystal rubbing my temples, forehead and eyeballs… didn’t matter, what was underway, was underway and there is no stopping it now (and truthfully, I never ever want something to stop and my body and team know that, even if the human is saying… mercy!!)

As I lay in the water, the visual picked up where it left off, with a twist.  I was now a full-blown, really large silver cotton candy display and now all the silver threads that were around me, was now moving into my core and threading themselves outwards thru every part of me.  I didn’t have much time to ask a whole lot of questions, my next appointment was near.  I attempted to open my eyes, serious liquid started pouring out… dammit, this is not the effect I was planning on.  It took me close to 10 minutes to get to a point where I could keep my eye open in the dark without it hurting and leaking.  But I did it!!

When I looked in the mirror, there was no white to my left eye, it was pure red and almost swollen shut.  Hay!!  My bath did more damage than good!!  What the hell is up with that????????

I ended up rescheduling my entire day.  At least my team really did help me (all of us) to understand what IS happening.  We started this 7 day event with two back to back snow storms crossing the SouthWest.  As we come to the end of this massive energy changing, LIFE changing week, the bookend, the grand finale formed over the NorthEast, covering all directions with solid, life enhancing, life CHANGING energy.

I had to wonder, for a girl who once had zero effect from anything earth related, now… holy shit batman, the barometer burps somewhere on earth and I KNOW it!!  Heaven and earth now one… I guess I better get my earth shoes on.  lol  But on top of that, I have two hearts so connected to my own in the midst of that energy system, so I was feeling it like it was overhead of my personal space.  My grandson lives between the Cape and Boston, my son is heading to the same area… energetically, both are already there and therefore, so Am I.

After my last appointment got rescheduled, everything shifted inside of me.  I started to feel like a hot air popper loaded with popcorn kernels popping and exploding.  This at least was kewl.  The entire left side of my head was now number, just as if I got Novocaine placed in half of my face.  Numb is better than pain… it’s all good.  The energy surge is actually really really kewl.

No doubt in my heart, the contractions of new life emerging (the pain) and the wonder of the birth itself as the day progressed.

This morning, I swear its like the first day of a whole new life, energy is high, no pain at all, joy abounding… and the every wandering thought… what did i get myself into now???

I love you all so much.  Thank you enduring my birth pangs as we celebrate each other!!!  ((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss!!

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