Wes Annac – The Voice Within: The Purpose Of Your Existence – 28 January 2015

wesannac2As long as you stay aware and active, nothing will keep you from making the revolutionary inner and outer changes you’ve come to earth to make.

The purpose of your existence on earth, beyond awakening and uplifting others, is to awaken and uplift yourselves; to find the higher vibration you strive to help the rest of humanity feel.

You can’t help anyone else feel it if you don’t have a pure glimpse of it yourself, and for this and plenty of other reasons, you’re encouraged to do everything you can to keep your spiritual links open, strong and flowing.

When you can, the work you present to the rest of humanity will be as uplifting as it’s meant to be and you’ll have little difficulty informing the world about spirituality, enlightenment and every other related subject that’s meant to help you understand that there’s more to your existence than meets the eye.

Your physical reality is only one out of an infinite multiverse of realities that exist concurrently, and the more open you are to the idea that there are higher realities beyond your conscious understanding (and the more you’re willing to explore this idea), the more you’ll discover about yourselves and the spiritually alive nature of your existence.

There’s so much more going on than meets the eye, and beyond what you see in front of you, so much is happening that you won’t perceive until you’ve raised your vibration and emerged back into a higher state of consciousness where everything that was once unknown becomes common knowledge and the result is an enthusiasm to help others become aware of the brimming activity that takes place on all levels.

As you’re learning, you’re individual manifestations of the universe, and ultimately, the creator, and you’re discovering your godhood and infinity as you strive to transcend the personal limitations that have kept you from being who you truly are.

The limitations that are presented by the mind and ego are illusions you’re intended to transcend when you understand how illusory they are, and you can transcend any and all barriers that creep up and try to influence you if you’re receptive enough to the influence of your inner voice and/or your spiritual guides.

Staying open and aware is more important than most people realize, and some seekers explore their spirituality with enthusiasm for a short time, only to close their awareness back up and fix themselves on an aspect of your reality that’s distracting or confining.

The only real way to explore your spirituality is to keep it consistent, and if you enthusiastically explore it for a short time before leaving it behind for something finite and distracting, you’ll meet unhappiness every time.

You might wonder why you can’t seem to sustain the spiritual connections that mean so much to you, and in most cases, it’s because you only willingly explore them on a temporary basis.

You can explore spirituality when it’s convenient for you and lay it aside when it isn’t, but you’ll continue to meet the self-enforced barriers that keep you from sustaining those greater, realer connections if you do.

The best route you can take is to consistently embrace and explore your spirituality, thereby keeping it a constant aspect of your reality and never hiding it in the background in favor of something that you know won’t fill you with nearly as much divine energy or inspiration.

Overall, continuing to empower yourself will help you along your spiritual journey, and as you empower yourself, remember to empower the people in your life and everyone you come across each day. The best way to feel love is to express it to everyone around you, and as you’re learning, selfishness is meant to be replaced with an openhearted concern for the wellbeing of others.

Instead of thinking solely about yourselves or how the behavior of others affects you, perhaps take a look at your own behavior and how it affects the people in your life who, like you, are looking for the peace, calm and enjoyment that constitutes a higher-vibrational lifestyle.

Think of others more than you think of yourself, but remember to show yourself some love every now and then. You’re a growing spiritual being just like the people around you, and the best way to share your love is to share it with everyone in an unbiased way – yourself included.

Everyone’s worthy of Source’s love, and realizing this is the first step to sharing your love with everyone – even the people you might have withdrawn it from for whatever reason.

Love, support and an unbiased perspective are important aides in your quest to lighten the planetary vibration, so keep this in mind when you have trouble finding compassion or sympathy for another person.

You’re all manifestations of Source consciousness, and you’re all equally worthy of love, support, joy and every divine quality that’s leading you into a greater understanding of yourselves and the spiritually driven existence around you.

Keep this in mind, and you’ll have little trouble letting your love flow to everyone you come across, because you’ll no longer be concerned with the behavior of others or how that behavior ties in to their perceived worthiness to receive your love.

Everyone’s worthy, including you, so let your love flow with no restrictions or biases. When you can do this, you’ll finally find the path back home.

By Wes Annac, January 27, 2015

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