Laura Bruno – Is Reality About To Remake “Reality TV”? – 29 January 2015


Ann’s comments are probably not any easier to read for spiritual tourists than this new reality series will be for fashionista’s to watch. For anyone reading the accompanying history of US intervention in Cambodia, who still has daydreams about BRICS and Putin being saviors, I would remind everyone that Putin considers Henry Kissinger a personal friend — one he dines with privately in the US and to whom he has personally given an achievement award. Lest the West has forgotten what an ogre old Heinz is, perhaps some Cambodians can give us a refresher course. May healing, liberation and discernment prevail.

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I am ashamed to say that, on trip down the Nile in Egypt a quarter of a century ago, I once walked alone through a village on the edge of the river, my route not usually one taken by tourists. Tiny mud huts lined a narrow walkway on both sides. My memory of that day is hazy, except for what I saw there, and how I reacted, and how I viewed my reaction years later.

A number of very very skinny women with slight, even sullen frowns on their faces, not apparently wanting to look me in the eye or greet me in any way, sat together on tiny steps along with their tiny children with staring eyes, filthy faces and bloated stomachs. And what I saw was “romantic,” a vision of primitive “village life” that I envied. 

Since that time, I have often contemplated that experience, and especially my response to it. How I maintained my…

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