Sophia Love – G.R.A.L. – 29 January 2015


It feels as if everyone I’ve ever been, in every lifetime, has settled in, pulled up a chair and is leaning forward with their hands on their knees, watching, waiting and expecting the show to start. They are all smiling, knowingly…  (Is this integration?) I don’t have the heart to tell them that the show has not even been picked, let alone begun.

What has been chosen (by the one writing this post) is perhaps the least effective; tension mixed with a bit of apprehension all rolled into illness.  Self-absorption rules the day, and even typing these words feels like an extraordinary effort.  So what gives?

It’s not for lack of ideas; there are legal pads full of them, surrounding my desk.  It’s not for lack of ability either, (remember all those “other “versions watching and waiting?  They have done and been, well, everything and everyone.)

It’s more like – to what end?  This journey has been incredible and life changing and seemingly never-ending.  We thought it was going to be over 2 years ago, got over that and moved into, well, anticipating  “the event”, and we are still here.  The changes and disclosures and exposures are happening in quiet ways all over the globe.  The headlines today could be ripped from the media two years ago… expectations for global financial collapse still predominate.  How many times have we hoarded food or cash?  Too many.

There have been weeks of contemplation.  After years of signing “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, the wait is truly over in my heart.  I get something now, and not just intellectually.  I get that no one is coming, not via space ship or celestial light or streets of gold.  I get that it’s me.  This reality/new paradigm/life/world that I am living is entirely/100%/absolutely and in no uncertain terms my own.

That’s just the way it works.   There is no reason and no explanation that will explain this. It is the slavery mindset that thinks “why?” We are moving out of that now.  This realization is part of what comes with accessing your godhood/your authority/your sovereignty.   A god stands there, knowing the answer, and gives. What does he/she give?  Everything he/she has.

We’ve been misled about many things and lied to about many more.  What you may think constitutes godhood is nothing more than the expressed desires of a worship hungry being.  We are the gods here.  Humans.  These words may sound like blasphemy.  They are not.

The media, churches, governments and schools have been broadcasting FEAR and SEPARATION for so long; it has seeped into the depths of our consciousness and feels true.

It is not true. Everything you’ve been told until very recently is suspect. I know that you know this, but what do we do with it? I’ve been contemplating questions like – “What will it take to live as the god I AM?” “How will it feel to love 24/7?” These are the hallmarks of the new Paradigm; and what we came to know, to live, to BE.

The answer to “To what end?” is given then – to get, not just intellectually, but in every fiber of our being, sovereignty; to embody Agape.  This cannot be told to us by anyone other than ourselves.  It is humanity that we’ve been waiting for, the people that have the answers, and the collective that will determine a new way to be.  We will discover together what it is like to live as sovereign humans.  We will form new ways to be in relationships and business, families and games.  Oneness will be realized in the same way we do everything else, as a product of necessity.  There is no one who can do this for us.  It is time and we are the ones standing here.

This will take movement beyond situations where there is someone placed higher than the rest of the crowd, on a stage.  This will take community.  None of us have done this while human.  We will have to help each other.

What will change now is everything.  This will happen in your own life and in mine.  It may not make the headlines yet that is irrelevant.  It will happen because you have intended it.  You who are reading these words have an investment in living as the free, sovereign being you are.  You predict oneness and global peace.  You allow love, and in fact are expecting it.  What will create this is a gathering together with a unified intent. Who will create this – is YOU.

To move this effort forward I’ve begun the Hundredth Monkey Project.  The intent for it is that together we can move past the fear & hesitation that blocks our power, into an empowered life grounded in self-love.  I’ve asked the group that my partner channels to join us.  Not because they know better than we do, they don’t (they are not living human lives).  What they bring to our “Monkey Project” is the voice of our greater selves and a different point of view.  They exist in a realm that we have come to call “the Jello”, it is a place of unconditional acceptance; we have come to name the atmosphere they exist in GRAL (Glorious Radiant Love).  From a perspective like that, only extremely positive energy is infused into the space and that has been a welcome assist.  They represent a place we are creating right now, on earth, as this new Paradigm.

There are efforts at community cropping up everywhere now as we co-create the new.  This project is not the only one, not by a long shot.  We are not meant to do this alone.  We are meant to connect.  I wish for all of us a place that feels like home.  There is a plaque hanging in my kitchen and it says “There are two things to give our children.  One is roots and the other is wings.”  2015 is the time to find a comfortable place from which you can fly.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


~Sophia / link to original article

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