Mounties On Terror Patrol: Canada Intel Agency To Get Expanded Anti-Terror Powers – 30 January 2015

RT logoCanada’s main intelligence agency will reportedly get more powers to target potential terror attacks, according to largest local network CBC. The new security legislation, which has already gained a dubious public response, is to be revealed on Friday.

Under the new law to be presented in parliament on Friday, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) will be given powers to act on its own to prevent potential attacks, as currently it only gathers information, analyzes it and then passes to police for action, CBC reported on Thursday.

The legislation is expected to lift current restrictions of the activities of CSIS, a civilian agency. The law will criminalize the promotion of terrorism; ease tracking and monitoring suspects, alongside the right to prevent jihadist suspects from boarding planes and to intercept shipments of equipment and material that could be used in an attack. It will also authorize CSIS to share private information and block financial transactions, according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

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