Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 31 January 2015


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We know so many of you work so very hard, whether it be to labor at a job, to work around the home, or working upon your inner self. While we certainly encourage such labors of love, we also know that there is great value and balance to be found in the energy of play.

When you play you are not concerned about a result. You are not concerned about what you will or will not produce. You are only concerned with doing something that gives you a joyful experience in the moment. For some play is very quiet… reading a book, a private game of cards, time spent silently on the patio sipping a cup of tea. For others play is quite lively – dancing, hiking, singing or laughing with friends. For some play is creative – making things, cooking, crafting, doing art, writing music. For some play is solitary, and for others social. It does’t matter what form your playfulness takes, it simply matters that you are enjoying the present moment and completely unencumbered by a need to produce.

This week, take a little time to ask yourself? How can I add some play to my life? Am I willing to do something only for the sake of joy and without any need to produce a result?

We encourage this, dear ones. When you play you are present. You are connected with life in some fashion. You feel secure. You embrace the vibration of joy. You are free to see things differently and find new solutions to your life’s real challenges because when you are present, we can get our messages through to you more easily. You relax. Your bodies unwind. Your health improves. You can go back to your “real” work refreshed, renewed, and with more love. In a sense, to play is to pray this prayer, “Dear God, with my energy rooted in the moment, and rooted in joy, I know You, by the very design of your creation, will send me even more joy. Thank you!”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

I work a lot, and thankfully love what I do. This year, however, I’ve resolved to stay in a better balance and I asked the angels to remind me if I started to get “off.” Years ago they emphasized to me the value of rest and playfulness… “Ann, even God rested on the seventh day. Why do you think you can’t?” They had a point!

Several few weeks ago I was planning to work through the entire weekend, but the little voice of guidance was suggesting otherwise. I pulled out my deck of angel cards for fun. As I shuffled, the card entitled “Playfulness” fell out of the deck. “I know,” I said, “but I have so much to do. Are you sure?” I shuffled and picked another card. “Playfulness” once again. I laughed knowing the angels were answering my “please-remind-me” prayer!

I set work aside and decided to visit a friend and go hiking. Three delightful little boys who were with their family ran up to me and started talking. One tiny guy, about five years old, said to me… I play guitar but I have to be quiet doing it because its in mom’s closet and I’m not allowed! His mom says to me, “What did he say?” “Go tell your mom what you told me,” I advised him. He ran up to her and bragged about playing guitar in her closet even though he’s not allowed. She and I both laughed until we can barely breathe. His honesty and his joy were adorable!

Later in the day I ran into two other little angels – a tiny brother and sister, most likely around the ages of six or seven. They were hiking with their uncle and were definitely not as scared as I was about scaling up a steep rock canyon I was considering. I’ve done the climb in the past, but was always unnerved by a few parts of it. They were not daunted at all! “Its good to do things a little dangerous that scare you,” the little blond angel told me, “but not so dangerous that you’re going to die.” I had to smile. More wisdom from a sweet playful soul!

When we are playing we are all equal – souls having a good time, sharing the joy of our own being. We set aside our concerns. We are immersed in the present. We feel connected with life, happy, and secure. I once met a teacher, Fred Donaldson, who told the story of someone conducting play therapy before apartheid sessions in South Africa. Getting people on “opposite sides of the fence” to play like children created the common bond of humanity and their meetings went extraordinarily well. He now teaches play workshops to help people connect with one another and life, and to feel safe (

I got home after my play day refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling very connected to life. Without even trying, two newsletters came through with incredible ease… something that does not happen when I am am overworked and out of balance.

Play is no longer a frivolous activity in my life. It is a necessity – as important to maintaining my spiritual energy as food and water are to maintaining my physical energy. It raises my vibration, focuses me in the now, and opens me up for the most delightful and surprising God-given interactions.

So this week, add a little playtime, even if you think you cannot. If you don’t remember how to play, think back to when you were very young. What did you enjoy? What did you do when you were alone and had to amuse yourself? Or do this angel inspired exercise… create a list of things that sounds fun “just because.” Put each item on a slip of paper. Put the slips of paper in a pretty box, bowl, or jar and pick one…then do it… a playful way to choose some play!

Have a wonderful week with a little dose of playfulness!
Love you all!

PS – Here are a few ideas from my repertoire to inspire your playtime!

• Hike
• Cook, bake, make goodies for myself or friends

• Make spa treats – scrubs, lotions, potions
• Enjoy a spa treat – a pumpkin/honey face mask while working on the computer!

• Visit farms when they’re having festivals
• Visit a farm and pick your own produce
• Visit botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, any gardens!

• Sit by outdoor fountains and watch kids play while I read

• Read books, read magazines, Clip recipes

• Sniff flowers

• Crafts – quilting, making jewelry, making greeting cards…making anything!

• Watch upbeat Movies – funny movies, Disney movies, heart opening movies

• Games – like the “Heads Up” App for i-things that will have you and your friends laughing and playing together! 99cents for hours of joy – it films your friends while they give you clues to help you guess words on your i-things!
• Play fun songs on and dance, to liven up during an office day

• Go to concerts

• Surf websites that interest me

• Go on a photo expedition while hiking or doing anything

• Go to the grocery stores searching for fun new foods & see what I can create.
• Go into my closet and create new outfits – dress up day!
• Make or enjoy aromatherapy blends
• Shoot basketball hoops, toss a football, run for the sheer delight of moving
• Collect seashells, pinecones, crystal, pretty rocks, heart rocks, etc…
• Make up games with the letters of the alphabet…. You’re Awesome, Beautiful…
• Visit a zoo, wildlife park,amusement park, any park

• hula hoop, jump rope – you don’t even know you’re exercising!
• climb a tree, lay in a creek, swim in a pond, dive in the ocean…
• roller skate, ice skate…
• write poems, songs, stories for fun
• shut your eyes and listen to beautiful music
• enjoy seasonal play – swimming, sledding, sunning…

…. etc.! / link to original article


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