Laura Bruno – This Is What Fearlessness Looks Like: Confronting Kissinger And McCain – 31 January 2015


You’re going to arrest truthtelling protestors instead of your fellow war criminal?! Why am I not surprised? This is one kind of rudeness of which even the faeries approve. Because all those bombs the ogre rained down on all those people weren’t exactly a health tonic for Mother Earth, either. Thanks to Ann and Lance. I totally agree with everything Ann says here.

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During this short, intense, dramatic confrontation inside the “hallowed” halls of Congress, I noticed especially the audience. How embarrassed they were, and mostly silent, uncomfortable, in the presence of such strong impoliteness. Such in-your-face refusal to accept the lies. And I noticed how, even after McCain said his infamous line, “Get out of here, you low-life scum,” the applause that followed was tentative, and slight, as if it would be impolite not to applaud, so they did. Yuck. Thank you thank you, all who stood up for humanity, for Earth, for justice. This insanity called “war” (by any name or any level of intensity, whether covert or overt) can no longer stand.

More of us need to “get over” our need to be polite. It’s the glue that keeps us stuck in the matrix. See the two powerful black women in the last post: As one of them said, about our deeply unjust and…

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