Lisa Gawlas – The Last Of January Expands Into…. Forever More!! – 31 January 2015

lisagawlas2I feel like a firework ready to explode… with information that is!!!  I am not even going to try to go in any particular order, not sure there is an order, but I am just going to start with the grand finale of my day yesterday and go from there.  My soul sistah with an incarnation on the Pleiades showing up as her first contact within her ET sessions, the biochemical engineer.  Given the energy coming thru the readings before hand, I wasn’t sure we were going to have a full ET session.  I have learned that when our (earth) energy is high and enhancing things, none of our friends from the sky will interfere with the process at hand.  They park at the furthest horizon and sometimes I can connect to them and sometimes, I can just see them or feel them or neither.  I never really understood any of that until yesterday.

Before our connection, I did my routine… sat on the holy toilet (smile) and while there, I could see the etheric arm of my lady’s Pleiadian connection reach over and in front of my face,  released to drops of some sort of liquid that looked like honey mustard (color wise.)  I knew they were putting the drops on my lady… but what and why and bigger question yet… why do it before our meeting???

The two drops of… liquid, that was to enhance her frequency, one inside her Being, one surrounding her Being to the energy and connection of the Pleiades.  She is about to remember a whole lot of things and this will help the process unfold smoothly and so much more than that too, just really hard to put into words.

As her friends were communicating from the far horizon, suddenly and what seemed like out of nowhere, I completely lost my connection with them. What the hell??  Where what happened, how can I be on then the connection just completely drop??  A couple of minutes later… they were back on again.

Now I have to admit, this is not the first time I thought my antenna’s blew a circuit, but hey!!!  When I was able to connect to them again, they explained the energy surrounding earth right now, to our way of seeing it, it could be seen as volatile, in intense motion, and with that, it is opening and closing the fields of connection.

If we can see it like a massive ball of energy that is being squeezed, enhanced in frequency, contracted in intensity, relaxed for a breather, then hit again.  The line of communication happens in the breather space and when it goes into the frenzy, all communication is lost until the breather happens again.  There is no “rhythm” to the inhale or exhale of the fields, meaning, it’s not going crazy for 10 minutes then relaxing for 10 minutes, but most of our star family can see the energies since they are not right in the middle of it all and just like tossing my lady drops of Pleiades energy before our session, they had to use the opening to let her know that was underway.

We only got about 15 minutes into the connection when her friends said another blackout is coming and they held up two fingers, this time, it’s a two-hour blackout.

This excited me more than anything, it’s not always me!!  You don’t know how much I stomp my feet anytime I say, but I cannot see today, especially when I am feeling perky!!  I somehow feel like I did something wrong (hey!!  I get to be human too!! lol)  But now I get it, soooo get it and that is why even our spiritual team have no idea when we are going to have an on day or an off day.  They have no control over the way the energy is working, opening, expanding, contracting and enhancing.  It also gives understanding that on some rare days when I start out not being able to see, there might be one or two I can read for.

I do want to share a personal thingie with you and the way I “work” and how I feel about it all.  I often think about what is shown, how it is shown, what it means to any given person I am connecting with and how much I cannot change what I am seeing, especially on the days I cannot see… I do everything i know how to, to get that connection started and nuttin.  I also know that there is a depth to the information coming that I simply do not understand fully and yet, its shared anyway.  There are days, like yesterday, when I see something in my first reading that I completely miss a detail that somehow gets revealed more fully later in the day.  Your soul, your spiritual team, shows you exactly what you need to know in any given connection, even when we don’t always understand it all.  The energy is released to you and that (from our spirit team) is the most important thing.

There are many times, spirit is so consistent in its message(s) to you, sometimes every single session over months and for some, years.  I had a lady who I have been reading for for years who really really REALLY needed to move into a new home for health’s sake and stronger energy movement.  If I am remembering the timeline correctly, this past summer, suddenly and thru every reading, I could see her new home down the road we call her future.  With everything inside of me, I knew she had to bump into sooner or later, even tho, from her country (Scotland) and the way they approve new dwellings, it really didn’t seem possible to her.  For a moment, even tho she trusted what was coming thru her connections, she resigned to the fact she was not going to move and decided to find a way to love where she was at.  We kicked in the ass!!  Your teams are not always lovey dovey, they can get quite adamant in what needs to happen and the patience and perseverance it takes us humans to arrive at the right time and right place.  She signed the new lease yesterday!!  My heart danced a jig when she shared that news on my facebook, both for her as this was soooooo needed, but also for me too.  When I see something so consistently and spread over so much time, I can question the validity of it all, maybe I am bringing in bias, knowing your story and expecting the details.  So Valerie, I cannot tell you how much your news means to me on all levels.  Thank you!!!

I do want to bring quickly some excitement that i had seen with a beautiful lady on the field the other day.  I could see this massive silver energy system (this transition is all about living, expanding on earth) moving into her core and at the very very top of this system, little tweety birds were flying in and out of her top.  The birds were odd-looking, color wise,  Both were pastel colors, one blue that I kept feeling the connection with the bluebird of happiness, the other pink.  What the hell, are there pink birds??

Pastels, new energy never before used in this realm.  Pastel pinks and blues, the birth of the inner children we know as the divine masculine and divine feminine, playing and experiencing and creating freely… unencumbered.  The bluebird of happiness, new joy coupled with the pink bird of passion, new passion bringing in new joy… effortlessly!

Thru this magnificent lady, I also seen what was happening thru the rest of this month.  The increase in frequency at the ground level is raising the earth higher, us higher and the step into February was about a foot high.  Thru another reading, spirit said the rest of this month the frequencies intensify, raise the ground we walk on to the higher levels.

Assuming we have pushed on the doors, did something new to release and let go of any old that kept us in place… February forward is going to be more expansive, more (joyfully) surprising than anything we could have ever dreamt of.  These last few days of January is like putting all the decorations on the massive cake of life!!

I do want to forewarn you tho, in my world, that cake decorator is coming in the form of a winter storm… again.  Its crazy, we have been in the 60’s while the northeast was piling up snow.  Now, back to us as we expect ice and sleet and snow and rain as the clouds start moving in already.  Every form of emotion coming thru!!  For whatever reason, Windstream, my phone and internet provider has had a hard time keeping their energies on with these storms.  I cannot remember being so affected in the past, but this year, every time we have a storm come in, my communications go offline, literally.  This storm is expected to arrive Friday the 30th and last til Saturday the 31st.  If my internet goes down I cannot call you at all, if my phone goes down too (which seems to be the first thing hit) I cannot answer your calls.  Let me apologize in advance if this happens to you either of these days, if it does, hit my reschedule zone.

Well, my day is about begin.  I love you so much, thank you for rocking my world with love and amazing clarity.  Each of you are my golden treasure!!

(((((((HUGZ)))) wrapped with blue birds and pink birds and abounding joy!!!

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