Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – What Would Happen If You Dived In? – 1 February 2015

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February 1, 2015

Q: I was reading about how soldier ants are relentless defenders because they have no fear and no sense of self preservation. They dive in to pursue creatures many times their size without a speck of self concern. So that seems to mean that insects and other animals have no sense of self.  Why do we have a sense of self and at what cost?

What you think of as your sense of self is most often the workings of the ego. And ironically, it is that ego-sense of self that most often prevents you from connecting with your true self—a self that includes your nonphysical counterpart, your broader self. And most of you would do a lot better if you would just dive in. You have ideas about what you want in this world. You have dreams. You have visions. And then you have this ego that says, “You can’t do that…” and begins to list all the reasons why.

And yet you are capable of just diving in when the circumstances warrant. People rush into burning buildings to rescue loved ones. A mother can lift an automobile to save her child. They are doing this without thought of limits or self-preservation.

So what would happen if you dived into the pursuit of the life of your dreams without a sense of self-preservation: without wanting to save face, without concern for the outcome? What would you do? And how could you possibly live without that sense of self?

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~ Twelve / via newsletter 1 february 2015

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