ActivistPost – Welcome To The Scientific Dictatorship: Hysterical Americans Call To Jail “Anti-Vaxxers” – 2 February 2015

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I don’t really like using the word sheep, but what else do you call it when people allow a scientific dictatorship with a television to do all their thinking for them?

Sorry we’ve been a little behind the curve on this one. See, we don’t have television. So when large swaths of the American populous start completely flipping out over whatever the television fear du jour is, we’re always a little slow on the uptake simply because we don’t pay to have propaganda piped into our home. We didn’t realize that so many people have completely lost their wits because a whopping 100 people got measles at Disneyland (out of the 15+ million people who visit that park each year).

You know what I really don’t get over this, guys? All the calls to KILL. Commenters a couple articles back even wished my children would die for talking about this. I’ve seen more people threaten to murder people and their children in article comment threads simply over asserting their rights — in America, ya know, where we supposedly still have them — to decide whether or not to vaccinate than I’ve ever seen before pretty much ever.

Someone even took the time to petition White to raise health insurance rates on families who do not vaccinate their children (the death cultists who wrote Obamacare are surely rubbing their hooves together with glee at that one).

Did someone turn up the fear meter this month or what? Has the They Live signal been jacked up to eleven?

These people want so desperately to “save” everyone with vaccines, but threaten to KILL YOU or say they hope your children DIE if you don’t want to get one??? Makes all kinds of logical sense, right? These are the same people that scream about a woman’s right to choose… an abortion. You can choose an abortion, but your right to choose ends there because you definitely don’t have a right to choose whether or not to give your child an injection which no one can prove is entirely safe for them to take or even does what it says it’s going to do (which it obviously doesn’t if they have been able to scientifically trace back measles outbreaks to FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE).

It’s not even about whether or not you do or don’t vaccinate anymore — now it’s about the idea that a group of fear-wracked sheep who completely freak out at whatever they’re told to freak out about at the moment (ISIS, Ebola, Isis members with Ebola, whatever it is) can suddenly attempt to DEMAND that other people are stripped of all of their rights, sued, jailed and even murdered just because they do not agree with them.

That’s one slippery ass slope if you ask me.

For more on how, prior to the vaccination, measles used to be a SITCOM PUNCHLINE here in America, watch the video below. Today, talking heads are selling people on the idea that they might die tomorrow and millions are at risk if we don’t force vaccinate everyone in sight…oh, how the tune has changed when there’s money involved.

Here’s the dreaded measles before the vaccine:

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