Laura Bruno – Earth Guide, Imbolc, 2015, By Zooey :) ! – 3 February 2015


This is a great message from Zooey, putting the astrological influences into perspective and reminding us to recognize how far we came in the past year. I keep hearing from clients and friends having major breakthroughs and positive shifts, and I feel that in my own life, as well. It’s a long post, but well worth the full read. Don’t miss the music at the end, either. Perfect! Thanks to Zooey and Jean and The Waterboys…

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Published on Monday, 02 February 2015 15:26

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.”
      – Ruth E. Renkel

There’s a phrase that comes to mind this time of year: turn the page.

The days are growing longer, Spring is in the air, every rock, gnome, and tree seem to be waiting for what’s next—who are we to stand in the way by dragging our feet through the past? We’re starting again, and the natural world knows it.

Though last year was rough, look at all that growth and transformation! We are right where we should be. We’re a little mussed up from the trip, okay, let’s face it, most of us now look like we just took a hurricane in the face—it’ll be months before we’ll get our hair under control again!—but we’re so much wiser. Like, quantum-jump wiser, and that’s not such…

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