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Dead Argentinian Prosecutor Drafted Arrest Warrant For President – 4 February 2015

RT logoA draft warrant for the arrest of Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been found at the apartment of Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor found dead one day before testifying against Kirchner’s alleged role in covering up a deadly bombing.

News of the draft’s existence was first reported by the Argentinian newspaper El Clarin, which stated that the warrant was discovered in Nisman’s trash after he had been found dead from a gunshot wound on January 18. The warrant also requested the arrest of Argentina’s foreign minister, Hector Timerman, according to the New York Times.

El Clarin’s initial report sent shockwaves through Argentina, especially when Viviana Fein, the prosecutor in charge of looking into Nisman’s death, initially denied that the draft existed. That same day, Kirchner’s Chief of the Cabinet, Jorge Capitanich, ripped up a copy of the paper’s report in front of journalists and called it “trash.

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Congress Considers Updating 1986 Law That Lets Police Read Emails – 4 February 2015

RT logoAn antiquated federal law that currently allows police officers in the United States to warrantlessly obtain and read emails could soon undergo a major update if some members of Congress have their say.

Mere weeks into the start of the 114th Congress, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are asking their colleagues to consider revamping the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in order to bring the nearly 30-year-old law up to date.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, includes a provision that allows law enforcement to obtain emails from service providers without requiring a warrant if the communications in question exist on a third-party server for more than six-months.

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Steve Lendman – US Orchestrated Coup Plot In Venezuela? – 4 February 2015

StevelendmanWashington spent Chavez’s entire tenure trying to oust him. Nearly succeeded in April 2002.

Overwhelming public support foiled Bush’s scheme. Chavez knew he was marked for death. Obama succeeded in killing him.

His dirty hands orchestrated weeks of violence last year. Another regime change scheme failed. Economic war on Venezuela rages. Ongoing since 2013.

Obama wants President Nicholas Marduro ousted. Venezuela’s huge oil reserves plundered.

Bolivarianism crushed. State-owned enterprises privatized. Predatory capitalism replacing economic and social justice. Continue reading

Texas Man Arrested For Paying Tax In $1 Bills – 4 February 2015

RT logoA man in Texas has been arrested while trying to pay his tax in $1 bills for “disrupting the operation and efficiency” of the local tax office.

Timothy Norris, 27, was trying to pay his $600 property tax at a tax office in Wichita Falls, Texas, last Wednesday when he was told to leave the office by Tax Assessor Collector Tommy Smyth. Smyth accused Norris of creating a disturbance and disrupting the efficiency of the authority as the latter wanted to pay the whole sum with $1 bills.

READ MORE: ‘Being poor is not a crime’: Civil group files lawsuit to help man imprisoned for failing to pay fines

However, the banknotes were folded very tightly so it “required tax office personnel approximately six minutes to unfold each bill,” Smyth said, the Times Record News reported.

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White House Reveals ‘Weak’ NSA Reform Nearly 2 Years After Snowden Scoops – 4 February 2015

RT logoThe Obama administration has announced changes to the surveillance operations conducted by the United States intelligence community, but critics are already using words like “weak” to describe the so-called reform.

Adjustments to how US intel agencies collect and hold bulk data on Americans and surveillance records concerning foreigners are outlined in areport publishedon Tuesday this week by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The report—released near the one-year anniversary of an address in which US President Barack Obama promised surveillance reform in the wake of an international eavesdropping scandal—is described by the ODNI as being the result of a “comprehensive effort to examine and enhance the privacy and civil liberty protections we embed in our signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection activities.”

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Jon Rappoport – How The Law Of Attraction Fails And Becomes Brainwashing – 4 February 2015

jon7“The focus on positive vs. negative thoughts is juvenile. It’s minor-league foolishness. And it leads people to obsess about their own minds. People aren’t passive magnets that attract and repel. That’s utter nonsense.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The law of attraction is stated in two ways.

First, positive thoughts attract positive results in life, and negative thoughts attract negative results. This is mainly a descriptive overview. It doesn’t apply to people who consciously do something to change their own thoughts. It’s a “philosophic” basis for understanding why people get what they get in life. Continue reading

GNC, Wal-Mart, Other Retailers Deceptively Labeling Herbal Supplements – Report – 4 February 2015

RT logoHerbal supplements such as gingko biloba and ginseng sold at four major US retailers contained ingredients — including potential allergens — not listed on the packaging, according to a report from the New York State attorney general’s office.

The damning investigation of store-brand supplements at GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart has triggered four cease-and-desist letters to the retailers calling on them to halt sales of seven dietary supplements, including echinacea, garlic, gingko biloba, ginseng, saw palmetto, St. John’s wort, and valerian root.

“Contamination, substitution and falsely labeling herbal products constitute deceptive business practices and, more importantly, present considerable health risks for consumers,” said the letters, first reported by the New York Times.

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‘Patronizing’ Energy Regulator Says ‘Make Packed Lunch’ To Afford Sky-High Bills – 4 February 2015

RT logoIn protest against Ofgem’s tips, which were labeled as “patronizing rubbish” by one Labour MP, Fuel Poverty Action are demonstrating outside the regulator’s office in what they are calling the Packed Lunch Protest.

Energy watchdog Ofgem caused uproar on Tuesday after suggesting families struggling with heating bills should make packed lunches and take flasks of coffee to work in order to free up funds.

Ofgem’s suggestions come as figures reveal UK energy firms made an average of £114 profit per household over the past 13 months.

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ZeroHedge – Meet The British Army’s 77th Battalion: Mobilizing 1,500 “Facebook Warriors” To Spread Disinformation – 4 February 2015

The British Army will revive one of the most contentious special forces units of the second world war, the Chindits, as a new generation of “Facebook” warriors who will wage complex and covert information and subversion campaigns.

– From the recent FT article: Army Revives Chindits as ‘Facebook Warriors’ for Smart Battle

Get ready, social media is about to get far more treacherous than it already is. Be extra careful jumping to conclusions, always think for yourself and use your best judgement. Government psy ops are about to go into overdrive.

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Military Culture Of Alcohol Abuse ‘Has To Be Changed’ – UK Psychiatrist – 4 February 2015

RT logoThe government’s strategy for combating alcohol abuse in the armed forces has to be changed, a top psychiatrist said.

Professor Neil Greenberg, an expert in military health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the strategy, which includes health fairs and awareness campaigns, didn’t stop military personnel from drinking excessively.

“For many years the military have relied heavily on alcohol education, so for instance soldiers would have to have a brief every year that tells them drinking is bad for them,” Professor Greenberg told the BBC.

“The problem is we know that alcohol education doesn’t really work at all, and the evidence from the civilian population is that it’s a terribly ineffective way of stopping people from drinking.”

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