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Hundreds Trying To Break Into Ukraine President’s Office In Kiev – 4 February 2015

RT logoSeveral hundred protesters have reportedly tried to break into the Ukrainian president’s administrational office in the country’s capital Kiev, but were repelled by security forces guarding the building. The stand-off grew into clashes in the street.

The demonstrators, who demand access to the administration’s conference room in order to make a TV statement, are still clashing with the National Guard, TASS reports.

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ZeroHedge – Caught On Tape: The Moment 58 People Aboard A Taiwanese Plane Thought It Was All Over – 4 February 2015

ZeroHedgeEarlier this evening, shortly after take-off from the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, a commercial aircraft with 58 people on board clipped a bridge and crashed into a river. As AP reports, the death count is either 2 (aviation authority) or 3 (Central News Agency) which is simply stunning considering the following unbelievable clip…

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Bahrain Gags Newly-Opened TV Channel After Opposition Figure Interview – 4 February 2015

RT logoA TV channel funded by a Saudi prince was shut down by Bahraini authorities a day after its launch. The broadcast stopped after the channel gave airtime to an aid to an opposition leader, who is currently under arrest for criticizing the government.

The Alarab channel was opened on Sunday. On its first day of broadcast it interviewed Khalil Al Marzouq, a former MP and member of Bahrain’s opposition Al Wefaq Shiite party.

On Monday morning at 3am the channel stopped broadcasting news and has been instead showing promotional material.

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Obama Signed Over 5Mn Non-Immigrant Work Permits Since 2009 – Analyst – 4 February 2015

RT logoPresident Obama has evaded Congress by awarding 5.46 million work permits to non-immigrant foreigners – who originally arrived as tourists, students or illegal immigrants – since 2009, according to an observer.

Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, filed a Freedom of Information request to determine just how many work permits the Obama administration has been handing out.

READ MORE: Obama administration tells agents to find immigrants who should not be deported

Her findings provide a sobering dose of reality now confronting the American workforce, who must contend with millions of people who are attempting to gain employment in the United States although their visa documentation does not permit it.

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ActivistPost – Swedish Company Inserts RFID Chips Into Workers – 4 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comChris Carrington
Activist Post

“We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped – the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip.”

These are the words of Hannes Sjoblad who believes he is preparing us for the day when the government wants everyone to be chipped. He believes that starting a voluntary program now will allow much greater knowledge later, when we have little choice about it.

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New Bill Proposes Ousting MPs For Lengthy Foreign Trips Without Valid Reasons – 4 February 2015

RT logoA Communist Party MP has submitted a bill that, once passed, would make it possible to strip lawmakers of their parliamentary seats for staying abroad for over a month without offering a good excuse.

The draft document lists possible reasons for long foreign trips as “illness, an official assignment or other force-majeure circumstances such as the need to take care of sick family members.”

The author of the motion, Ivan Nikitchuk, told Interfax that some lawmakers’ lengthy stay outside Russian borders not only increased government expenditure but also undermined Russia’s authority. In Nikitchuk’s view, “people’s deputies who choose to reside permanently in foreign states are adding to Russia’s negative image.”

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Domestic MasterCard: 5 Russian Banks Begin New National Payment System – 4 February 2015

RT logoRussia’s new National Payment System is up and running. The first five Russian banks processed their initial payments via MasterCard on January 30, according to Russia’s Central Bank.

“On 30 January 2015, the first five banks, including regional ones, started processing some Russian domestic MasterCard card transactions via the National Payment System (NPS) processing center implementing settlements on these transactions via the Bank of Russia,” the bank said in a press statement Tuesday.

The transfer of Russian domestic transaction processing of international payment system cards to the NPS will be implemented in stages, and should be complete by March 31, 2015.

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ActivistPost – Exposing The FDA’s Vaccine Injury Cover-Up: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq. – 4 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comRegarding Vaccines, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims for Vaccine Damages, and HHS/FDA

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

Attorney Walter Kyle of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, began representing Plaintiffs with vaccine injuries ten years before the Vaccine Injury Act began, and has argued more than forty cases before the Special Masters of the United States Court of Federal Claims [under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act] – 42 U.S.C.A. §300aa, et.seq. As a result, Attorney Kyle has unique insight into the nuances of vaccine injury law.

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Red-Faced: 18Mn Mugshots Stored On Police Database Despite Court Ruling – 4 February 2015

RT logoBritish police forces uploaded 18 million pictures of the public to a facial recognition database without telling the Home Office or independent watchdogs.

Thousands of photos in the database are of innocent people who have never been charged with or convicted of a crime.

Biometrics Commissioner Alastair MacGregor QC said he was concerned about the civil liberties implications of the database, as well as the risk of false matches.
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‘I Won’t Be Used To Peddle UK Arms In Middle East’ – Prince Charles – 4 February 2015

RT logoThe Prince of Wales wants to end his role as a promoter of British arms in Gulf States where possible, according to his new biography.

The unauthorized book, ‘Charles: Heart of a King’, is due to be published on Thursday. It was written by Catherine Mayer, an American-born, UK-educated, London-based journalist.

Reflecting on the biography, Mayer told the BBC there is a significant gap between the public’s perception of Prince Charles and the man behind the image.

She said her book attempts to portray the peculiarity of “Planet Windsor.”

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