Sophia Love – ABC……GOD – 5 February 2015

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What’s stewing and brewing in this head lately is this:


A. The being called “god” has no greater power than I.


B. I am the Master of my life, responsible for all of it.


C. What is the difference between a being who imagines itself to be god and a being who imagines itself to be human?

I think that answer may be found in belief, aka knowing.

Although I stopped kneeling to any god as soon as I left my family of origin, I operate at times with hesitancy; struggling and searching for that one thing/person/moment/institution/situation with only my best interests at heart, that/who is capable of caring for them (my best interests) and making it all better.  This is what humans do.

If I were a god being I would simply get it done (my best interests).  I would know to my core that no one can take care of me but me.  I would be entirely self-motivated.  Every thought, word and action would serve me.

We have been given the wrong idea about what a god being is and what a human being is.  There are differences, yes, but not the ones you’ve been told.  There are no differences in ability; there are vast differences in motivation.

This will be my focus for the next while now – not so much we are the ones we’ve been waiting for as much as – how do we do this?

You can feel the Shift.  It’s happened.  It is upon us to utilize it.

I have said before that I’ve energetically connected to the being I call “Poser”.  This is a powerful, non-human god being with no remorse or conscience.  It exists to create and the food it desires (its addiction) is worship.  Nothing is off limits in order for it to get what it desires.

When I refer to us as gods it is not to suggest we imitate this being.  Yet we can learn from it.  We are here to create life; that is what humans do. Our creation of life will have at its core UNITY.  We are ONE.

As we enter this new paradigm, we will enter it as humans – being.  There will be no leaving the physical self – this is earth and the place we came to shift.  We will embody our god hood in our very human way – and the entire cosmos waits to see us do it.  It has to yet to be done by any beings, whether human or god, before now.  You are here for this doing.

Realize all of your examples of god-hood come from non-human beings.  You would not, could not be like them.  You are to be the first embodied human gods.  What will it take to be a human god being?  We will find out together.  We will learn from each other. We are ONE, and that premise changes everything.

This is our next way to play together.  We’ve played the slave game long enough.  It’s boring us now.  We are done and ready for something else.

I am experiencing a surge of excitement and passion.  We are on the verge of awesome.

We will leave behind us reasons – reasons for our feelings/ our life/ our pain/our health/ our wealth.  Reasons are a gentler word for blame.  A god blames no one.  He/she thinks it and gets it done.  This is not magic.  This is what gods do.  We are creator gods; Human God Beings.

So, as you step into your god-hood, leave the word “because” out of your conversation.  Say instead:

“I feel ___”  “I have ___” “I AM ___” and stop there.  A human god being needs no reason.  A human god is.  You are human gods. You are the gods you’ve been waiting for.



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