Steve Lendman – Outrageous MSM Putin Bashing – 5 February 2015

StevelendmanVirtually all MSM sources march to the same drummer. Viciously, irresponsibly and disgracefully bashing Putin.

Making unjustifiable accusations. Repeating them ad nauseam. Inventing new ones. Substituting Big Lies for hard truths.

Regurgitating Western propaganda. Accepting it as gospel. Including State Department daily disinformation briefings.

In Tuesday, spokeswoman Jen Psaki turned truth on its head raising “concern(s) about the (nonexistent) aggressive actions of Russia and Russian-backed separatists and the steps they’re taking illegally in…Ukraine.”

“We, of course…encourage the Ukrainians when they’re fighting back and defending their own country, to take into account civilian casualties.”

Fact check

Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Rogue EU partners share it. Involved in planning, implementing, funding, arming, and directing Kiev’s aggressive war on Donbas.

Moscow supports peace, not war. No Russian aggression exists now or earlier. Donbas self-defense forces justifiably reject coup d’etat fascist rule. Challenging tyranny is a universal right.

Washington willfully targets civilians in all its wars. The vast majority of AfPak, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukrainian casualties are noncombatant men, women and children.

US officials show contemptuous disdain for human life and welfare. Obama’s “grieving” for Jordanian warplane pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh is one of many examples of gross administration hypocrisy.

What about millions of corpses attesting to America’s barbarity? Who “griev(es)” for them? Who cares how many more millions die?

Who in Washington believes ending wars matters most of all? Who does anything meaningful for peace? Who does everything to prevent it?

Who supports right over wrong? Rule of law principles. Nation-state inviolability. Governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

What MSM print or electronic journalists dare challenge official disinformation, distortions and Big Lies?

Not a single profile in courage reports accurately on issues mattering most. Especially on war and peace.

Ukraine is Obama’s crime. Donbas is his war. Using Kiev’s military as proxy foot soldiers. Try finding a single MSM report explaining it accurately.

Propaganda rubbish substitutes. Stuff making knowledgeable viewers and readers gag. New York Times editors find new ways to embarrass themselves. Legitimate journalism isn’t their long suit.

Putin continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution. He’s a near voice in the wilderness among world leaders. Diplomatically in the forefront against war.

Committed to ending Donbas fighting. The only world leader supplying thousands of tons of essential to life humanitarian aid.

Deserving high praise for doing the right things consistently. Not according to Times editors. Disgracefully turning truth on its head. Headlining “Mr. Putin Resumes His War in Ukraine.”

Since when is waging peace “resum(ing) war?” Donbas fighting “flared up again,” said Times editors. True enough short of pointing fingers the right way.

Instead claimed Putin “cranked up his direct support for the rebels (while) continuing to badly deny it and blame all the violence on the United States.”

Don’t expect Times editors to explain Kiev’s aggression. Launched last April with full US support, encouragement, funding, direction and heavy weapons.

Instead irresponsibly blaming Putin and Donbas defenders for US/Kiev high crimes against peace. Rogue EU partners sharing it.

Times editors urge more sanctions, more war, less peace and stability, saying:

“(W)ith sanctions and diplomacy making no headway against (nonexistent) Russian aggression, it is imperative that the United States and its allies take a new look at what would bring Russia to a serious negotiation.”

Putin’s “goal” isn’t annexing Ukrainian territory. Or waging war. Or confronting other countries belligerently.

He supports independent Ukrainian sovereignty free from US-dominated NATO membership or other affiliation.

Times editors absurdly claim he and Donbas self-defense forces “are carving out a permanent rebel-held enclave in eastern Ukraine,  a la Transdniestria, Abkhazia or South Ossetia…”

Washington “carv(ed) out a permanent” chokehold on its newest colony. Wanting unchallenged control of Ukrainian territory nationwide.

To be used as a launching pad for regime change in Russia. Along with economic and political war. Don’t expect Times editors to explain.

Or Washington Post ones. Headlining “Raise the Stakes for Russia to deter its aggression in Ukraine.”

WaPo editors want tougher US policies instituted in response “to the latest (nonexistent Russian) offensive…in eastern Ukraine.

“(I)ncluding…hundreds of modern tanks, artillery and antiaircraft systems in a campaign to expand rebel-held enclaves…”

“(T)he United States and its European Union allies must consider how to stop the ongoing military aggression in Ukraine and deter Mr. Putin from further adventures.”

“The clear answer is direct military support to the Ukrainian army.”

Let’s get this straight. Last April, Kiev launched premeditated naked aggression on Donbas. Clear evidence proves it. Washington has been directly involved throughout months of conflict.

Kiev’s military deliberately shells hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, buses and other nonmilitary related targets.

its forces continue committing major crimes of war and against humanity. Wrongfully blamed on victims. Donbas freedom fighters’ self-defense is groundlessly called terrorism.

Putin remains committed to peaceful conflict resolution. No Russian aggression exists now or earlier. No evidence suggests any planned.

Or shows Moscow supplied weapons. Washington provides plenty. Heavy ones covertly throughout months of conflict.

Who’s the good guy? Who’s the villain? Who wants peace? Who wants war?

Who deserves credit for wanting things resolved diplomatically? Who’s responsible for preventing it?

Waging proxy war to advance its imperium. Recklessly risking direct confrontation with Russia.

WaPo editors outrageously accused Russia for US/Kiev/EU allies’ crimes. Disgracefully said Putin “stepped up his (nonexistent) aggression in the absence of a military response.”

Barely stopped short of urging US war on Russia. Wants “the cost” to Moscow “sharply raised – and quickly.”

The madness driving this type editorial policy may end up launching WW III.

London’s Guardian sounds like Fox News. Or Pentagon propaganda. Headlining “Putin must be stopped. And sometimes only guns can stop guns.”

Highlighting the Big Lie about “his (nonexistent) drive to carve out a puppet para-state in eastern Ukraine.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Not a shred of evidence supports the Guardian allegations.

They get worse saying “(w)ake up Europe. If we have learned anything from our own history, Putin must be stopped.”

“Diplomacy’s time will come again, but…not now.” Impose stiffer sanctions, said the Guardian.

He’s “prepared to use every instrument at his disposal, with no holds barred,” it claimed.

Absurdly saying he’s waging “war against the west.” Going way over-the-top outrageously claiming:

“(H)e deployed heavy military equipment, energy-supply blackmail, cyber-attack, propaganda by sophisticated, well-funded broadcasters, covert operations and agents of influence in EU capitals – oh yes, and Russian bombers nosing up the English Channel with their transponders off, potentially endangering civilian flights.”

No responsible editors would touch this rubbish. Guardian ones featured it. Piled on their own Big Lies.

A separate editorial headlined “The Guardian View in Ukraine: maintain the pressure on Russia.”

Outrageously saying conflict in Donbas “isn’t just a nasty little shootout between local militias and the underequipped and inexperienced battalions of the Ukrainian army.”

“It illustrates how the geopolitical calculus of President Vladimir Putin, as he continues to furbish his anti-western narrative while crushing dissent within Russia, has led to some of the worst crimes perpetrated on European soil since the Balkan wars of the 1990s.”

There’s more. Guardian editors saying “it takes a twisted conspiratorial mindset, or brainwashing by Russian propaganda, to even attempt to deny that Russia’s armed forces have been deeply engaged in backing the rebel separatists of Donetsk and Luhansk, and making sure Ukraine’s sovereignty over its internationally recognised territory is not restored.”

It bears repeating. You can’t make this stuff up. Guardian and other Western editors, correspondents and contributors irresponsibly blame Russia and Donbas freedom fighters for US/Kiev/EU partners’ crimes.

Including for failed peace talks. Refusing to explain how Kiev straightaway violated each attempt.

Not Russia. Not rebels. Kiev’s fascist regime. Washington controlling its stooge leaders.

Deploring peace. Waging dirty war without mercy. Using chemical and other banned weapons.

Deliberately targeting civilians. Murdering them in cold blood. Don’t expect media scoundrels to explain. Big Lies substitute for hard truths.

US so-called public broadcasting (PBS) is government and corporate controlled. A longstanding instrument of Washington propaganda.

Presenting one-sided reports. Suppressing what viewers most need to know. Consistently misinforming them.

Including its Frontline series. Mocking legitimate investigatory journalism. Featuring disinformation rubbish.

Under the heading “Putin’s Way,” it reported the following stories. Each one an exercise in distortions and Big Lies.

Sounding more like bad fiction than legitimate journalism. Headlining:

“New Russia Bill Targets ‘Undesirable’ Foreign Organizations”

“Putin’s Legal Crackdown on Civil Society”

“What is the State of Dissent in Vladimir Putin’s Russia?”

“What’s Been the Effect of Western Sanctions on Russia?”

“The Battle for Ukraine”

“Inequality and the Putin Economy: Inside the Numbers”

“The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin”

“Watch Part of a Film Commissioned by Vladmir Putin – About Himself”

“Frontline Investigates Vladimir Putin’s Path to Power.”

The best way to understand Putin’s agenda is avoiding PBS reports and numerous others like them.

All propaganda all the time. Hard truths consistently suppressed. Buried to treat viewers and readers like mushrooms.

Well watered. In the dark. Uninformed about what they most need to know. At the most perilous time in world history.

Washington, rogue NATO partners and stooge regimes like Kiev head dangerously toward confronting Russia militarily.

All bets are off if initiated. Lunatics alone conceive such madness. Don’t bet against them doing what responsible leaders wouldn’t dare.

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