‘EU Will Do Anything To Keep Greece In’ – 6 February 2015

RT logoEuropean leaders are desperately keen to keep the Greeks in the EU and they will do anything they can to persuade the Tsipras government to stay – but sooner or later, ‘Grexit’ is inevitable, David Coburn, UKIP MEP, told RT.

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RT: Syriza’s victory over a week ago raised many eyebrows in the EU, with European leaders concerned it threatened the unity of the bloc. So how sincere are these handshakes we have just seen?

David Coburn: I think they are very concerned…if Greece leaves the European currency, and fiscal defaults, and devalues…What will happen then if they start to do well? Which I would imagine they would, it’s the best thing they can possibly do – to get out of it. If they seem to do well it is going to have a domino effect right across southern Europe and probably the rest of Europe as well. So they [EU] are desperately, desperately keen to keep the Greeks in and do whatever they can because, because that is how they get their salaries, by keeping the European Union rolling.

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