Steve Lendman – Merkel And Hollande For Peace In Ukraine: Hold The Cheers – 6 February 2015

StevelendmanOn February 5, Tass headlined “France, Germany plan to work out new agreement on Ukrainian conflict settlement – Hollande.”

Merkel and Hollande are in Kiev on Thursday. So is John Kerry. Discussing escalated war, not peace.

Don’t expect divergence from their NATO allies. Saying one thing. Pursuing another. More on this below.

Tass quoted Hollande saying “(t)ogether with Angela Merket we have decided to take a new initiative.”

“Later today in the afternoon, we will depart for Kiev, where we will make a new proposal on the conflict settlement bas(ed) on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

“Then, on Friday, we will discuss the initiative with the Russian president in Moscow, since we are short of time.”

“We are now having war in Ukraine and it can turn into a total one. This is why we jointly with Angela Merkel decided to put forward this initiative with the aim of not simply hold talks, but to agree on (an agreement) text, which will be acceptable to all parties.”

“This is why we first go to Kiev and then to (to Moscow to meet with) Vladimir Putin.”

If all sides agree to compromise, we can “manage to avert the further escalation of the conflict.”

“If we fail, and such scenario is possible, we can say that France and Germany as friends of Ukraine and Russia did everything they could to help as two world powers.”

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed Friday’s meeting.

Saying “(t)he leaders of the three states will discuss what specifically the countries can do to contribute to a speedy end of the civl war in the southeast of Ukraine, which has escalated in recent days and resulted in many casualties.”

Putin advisor Yuri Ushakov said Russia’s president always supports constructive talks. Wants Ukraine’s conflict resolved diplomatically.

“We are ready to hold a constructive discussion, with a view to reaching any agreements that would encourage a general stabilization of the situation, establishment of direct contacts between official representatives of Kiev and Donbass,” Ushakov explained.

Merkel and Holland want to have their cake and eat it. They want normalized economic relations. Sanctions on Russia cut both ways.

At the same time, they’re US-dominated NATO members. They partner with Washington’s wars directly or indirectly.

Notably in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. Plus unknown countless other nefarious military adventures.

Washington provides about 75% of NATO funding. It calls the shots. Key Alliance partners France, Germany, Britain and others march in lockstep.

When America wants war, expect their involvement directly or indirectly. Overtly or covertly.

Obama didn’t wage proxy war on Ukraine to quit. He wants Congress authorizing billions of dollars in military aid for Kiev.

Heavy US weapons were supplied throughout months of conflict. Expect greater amounts forthcoming.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Alliance Eastern European Response Force strength near Russia’s borders may increase from 13,000 to 30,000.

“It is a response to what we have seen from Russia over a period of time, and it is in full accordance with our international obligations,” he said.

Code language for provocatively heading toward possible US-dominated NATO war on Russia.

Rapid Deployment Forces are being positioned in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

According to Stoltenberg, thousands can be deployed in two days. The remainder in a week. Greater numbers may join them.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced 100,000 Eastern Military District forces placed on high alert.

Participating “(w)ithin the framework of a sudden check of the(ir) highest degree of combat readiness.”

Moscow has good reason for concern. It’s under no illusions. Washington deplores peace. Uses Ukraine to target Russia.

Wants unchallenged control of both countries. Wants them carved up for profit.

Wants Donbas freedom fighters crushed. Wants democracy prevented at all costs. Intends escalated war, not less.

Peaceful conflict resolution is verboten. Don’t expect Merkel or Hollande to go their own way.

Watch their policies. Ignore their rhetoric. Expect Kiev’s dirty war to continue. Expect greater US support.

A separate article suggested possible US military force involvement on the ground. Kiev’s battered/inept army is no match against committed Donbas freedom fighters.

Kerry is an unindicted war criminal. A serial liar. From Kiev, he turned truth on its head saying:

“We want a diplomatic solution, but we cannot close our eyes to tanks that are crossing the border from Russia and coming into Ukraine.”

Imaginary “Russian fighters in unmarked uniforms (cross) the border, and (lead) individual companies of so-called separatists in battle.”

When US officials are asked to provide evidence proving it, silence follows. None exists.

“I say it every time,” stressed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “If you are so sure (about Russian troops in Ukraine), confirm it with facts.”

“But no can or wants to provide them.” Kerry’s bluster accusing Russia of “aggression” wore thin long ago.

US global aggression is real. In multiple theaters. Against invented enemies. Including in Ukraine using Kiev military troops as proxies.

Washington’s continued supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine threatens Russia’s security, its Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich explained.

“We are very seriously concerned by these plans,” he stressed. “Taking into account the revanchist plans of the ‘party of war’ in Kiev, this could not only escalate the conflict in the southeast, but also threaten the security of Russia.”

Suggesting Moscow will only put up with so much for so long.

So far just talk. No action.

On Thursday’s Progressive Radio News Hour with guest Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff, discussion included speculation on whether Russia won’t resist Alliance threats until its troops invade.

Then it’s too late. Global wars start this way. Things are perilously close to No. III.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden ignored US supported Kiev aggression saying “Ukraine has every right to defend itself, and we are…providing security assistance to help…”

Expect more US heavy weapons than already. Greater Washington supported, encouraged and directed fighting.

Lots more death and destruction. If Merkel and Hollande were serious, they’d denounce Kiev’s putschist regime. Support Donbas rebels’ democratic struggle.

Criticize US backing for Kiev’s dirty war. Refuse any cooperation with Washington’s involvement. Rescind their sanctions on Russia. Resign from NATO. Commit unequivocally for peace.

Act responsibly instead of as subservient US vassal states. Whatever Merkel, Hollande and Putin agree on rhetorically in Moscow, expect no substantive policy changes to follow.

Expect Obama’s proxy war on Donbas to continue. Expect rogue NATO states marching in lockstep.

Expect business as usual like always. Expect lots more death and destruction ahead.

Expect the unthinkable if Washington confronts Russia belligerently. It bears repeating what other articles stressed.

Given lunatics running the Washington asylum, anything ahead is possible. The unthinkable could become reality.

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