Lisa Gawlas – The City Of Light And The Hub For ET’s And Then Some!! – 7 February 2015

lisagawlas2Boy, February opened up with zero bashfulness in the wild and weird, wonderfully weird, but weird none the less!!  Let’s first talk of this thing forming and for some, formed around your body, a thing I once referred to as your bubble of creation.  Spirit has changed the energy field around that to call it now, your new matrix and insist I continue to call it that.  To my viewing eyes, it looks a lot like the double torus:


Now with this image, imagine your body is directly at the center and the emerging inner top is at your crown, the bottom at your feet.  It now engulfs you head to toe.  But, there is an interesting and unexpected twist to this thingie.  In one of the readings the other day, I seen my lovely lady’s completed torus, excuse me, matrix, and all this energy moving around in a network that i had no idea what it meant.  Then suddenly at the front of the outer most field of her matrix, shoe opened a door.  A door!!  Who new there was a door there????  lol  She stepped out of her matrix and the landscape was pure energy, pure potential everywhere I could see.  The next thing I knew and felt from her, giving energy to a desire, I had no idea even what that desire was, neither did she… and she was sucked right back into her matrix, a magnetic force sucking her back in and shutting the door as she moved back into her center.  What the hell???

Next thing I know, she opens the door again and out in her landscape is this amazing lush, alive rainforest.  I could hear the sounds of the birds and animals and all them doing their thing in the most amazing, beautiful harmony of sound.  I could feel the moisture of her rainforest.  Her desires made manifest.

I really didn’t know what created that rainforest for her, other than the light show I was seeing inside her matrix, like a living sci-fi movie.  But a lady who showed up on the field yesterday, I think gave us all a bigger clue.

The first thing I heard was the blare of a marching band then I could see them aligned to the left of her path at a 90 degree formation outwards in her left field (physical life side.)  This is not the first time I have seen or heard a marching band show up, but this is the first time I understand it to this degree.

At first, it took me a bit to see the pattern, simply because, I have never really looked for a pattern.  Then her team took my vision and pulled it back to a wider view.  Her marching band, of course, decked out in red, white and blue, were in a 5-2 formation.  I humbly did my best to give you a visual:


The star being my lady herself, the dots being the marching band formation.  I tried to show you what it would look like without dots and if all the dots were connected, I couldn’t quite do it thru ms paint beyond the first series, but I think it gives you and idea.  An open triangle and then a line thru the center, spreading back as far as my eyes could see.  Now in my image, it spread out at the back, it didn’t at all, it stayed in a stead 2 foot wide formation.  I just don’t know how to make look like that with detail.

Her teams explained that this is the harmonics of creation.  The sounds there were playing is creation itself, HER creation.  Then they explained the formation, 5 of course change, 2 duality but also… what we know as the double helix, except all 12 strands of our DNA fully active, vibrating and reacting to the harmonics of her life field.  We can even look at the inner rods as the created outcome of the harmonics that it is aligned too (the open triangle.)

The harmonics, of course, are tuned to your emotional field.  But… it’s not like you have to hold a particular emotion for 10 hours straight for it to “become.”  It just has to be the purest emotion held in you for a nano second.  How that all works, I guess we will discover thru trial and error.

Ohhhh and I gotta throw this in here, here.  I have got to look at the information around this surprising image as I was looking for the double torus:


This image is EXACTLY what I had seen when Michael left my home on the 2nd.  He is in one of the open circles, I am in the other and the energy was spinning like crazy in figure 8 style.  Who knew!?  I sure as hell didn’t lol.

Now lets shift a moment to the grid work of earth herself.  Holy chit batman!!  ET-ville out in my front yard continues to… well, “become.”  I’m am really liking that word spirit is using.. “become.”  Anywayz, while that area is under “becoming” ETs cannot park in their usual spot for the full on connection with their humans.  But we did get to glimpse out and may I even dare say, understand, what is growing out there… excuse me, “becoming” out there…

Remember I said the top looks like a skyline.  Well thru one of the attempts of connecting with my lady’s ETs, I could see clearly that the very top of this 3 dimensional string of golden lines is now emitting a light frequency, very crystalline in nature.  Talk about the City of Light becoming real!!  if that wasn’t enough to blow my mind, her ETs explained that this will be the portal of entrance for them to come into our physical reality.  The more you, the human connecting thru my front yard connects with your ETs, you too are building a portal of entry.  To my viewing eye, it looks like a home base with a lot of satellite entries I suppose.  My landlady would shit a brick!!  Just sayin…!!

But then again, I had seen my Pleiadian father, Franklyn coming down from somewhere with his wife and child and knocking on my back door.  I had seen it so many times I knew there would come a point it was not longer and energetic vision, but real.  The unknown has always been… when!!

I attempted a reading with a beautiful lady here in Santa Fe and was shocked at the experience itself.  I have been reading without a problem until her and only her so far.  I put my face parallel to the floor like I always do, my way of shutting of my 3D world and open to the expanse of your light field.  Suddenly, there was nothing but my floor and this thing that reminded me of a melting icicle but made of white and blue waters plopped right into my third eye.  What the hell is that??  It didn’t hurt, I didn’t get a surge of energy (thank you dear god,) but I couldn’t see a thing… except, the outline of New Mexico and ONLY new mexico.  The entire state was now rocking this grid I have been watching grow in butterfly wings formation here around my home.  What her team did explain, it has spread out to all of New Mexico and ONLY New Mexico.  All the other states surrounding us were I guess what we will call, offline.  I could see their placement as if I was seeing a super large map, but only New Mexico was glowing with strings of gold energy.  Go figure!!

Well, this morning, as I sit upon my holy toilet again, spirit knew this was going to be the next part of my sharing so they gave us the rest of the story (bout damn time they did such a kindness lol.)

I want to bring an image from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind movie:


Bring this image back to my ET lady with the ruby looking time machine I shared some weeks before:

machinics of time

Now imagine what is happening is pulling all that ET encrusted energy from the fields of New mexico and charging up the hub of entry here in my front yard.  And so much more than that too, what I have no idea.

If things aren’t in a strange place for me already, it all went into holy freakin shitness yesterday.  First of all, I am actually starting to see a repetitive pattern with the energy we call months simply because I went searching thru my haystack called blogs to look for particular information to share with Michael and just looking over titles makes me realize, the months are set in a similar vibrational theme, they just are condensing in energy.  So the space around us is no longer wide with lots of air, but condensed, which creates immediate outcomes instead of long timelines of waiting.

I did find what I was looking for, eventually.  I about shit when I read it and seen the date of the experiences.  I always write the day after my experiences or readings, so the published blog date was February 2nd 2013, the experience obviously was on February 1st.  Exactly 2 years to the very date Michael comes thru my door.  Let me share the link to that blog here:

Thru my meditations during the first few days of February 2013, I could clearly see Jorge come from down by the mesa, enter my back door and drop a massive bag of change on my table.  Who knew it would actually come to pass in the physical two years later when Michael went down to the mesa and planted a crystal.

Rod Sterling, move on over, there is no episode of the Twilight Zone as bizarre are real life is getting!!

On that note, have the most glorious, fun filled, sun filled day EVER!!  I love you all and beyond grateful for your Presence in my world, my heart, and all that is Becoming!!!


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