Mahala – Aquarian Mycelium By Alison McCabe – 7 February 2015

MahalaGuest article by Alison McCabe.

Following my last blog there was a lot of interest in mushrooms and how they might relate to the Aquarian energies and Mayan prophecies. The approaching Total Solar eclipse over the crown of the British Isles, the fair Emerald Goddess at the Spring Equinox this year is an influx of the energies of endings and new beginnings and an important turning point in human consciousness. It seems a wonderful time to celebrate the transforming power of the mushroom.

It seems first a good idea to address the fear that many people have of mushrooms. Of course there are poisonous mushies but sometimes this fear seems to be something more than common sense. I recall as a child somebody saying “how can you trust something that grows in the dark and eats crap?.”  I think this became a bumper sticker!

This ‘fear’ reminds me of the reaction to the Dark Goddess archetypes especially Lilith. Lilith has, like mushrooms, both visible and invisible parts. Black Moon Lilith is the energy field which forms the second center of our Moons orbit, the first center being the core of the Earth. She is invisible, veiled in darkness and yet her presence cannot be denied.

Also there is a visible asteroid Lilith and the star Algol in Scorpio known as the most ‘evil’ in the heavens; it is also associated with Lilith and Medusa. Sedna another dark goddess discovered right out near the Ort cloud has astronomers thinking there may be a twin sun to ours which is at present invisible, perhaps a Dark Mother sun. These dark goddesses have one thing in common; their sacred sexuality was violated and when they refused to be oppressed they were outcast.

Mushrooms, like the Dark Goddess, have many ‘invisible’ functions which are necessary for the balance of the eco system of Earth and human beings. Beneath the soil beautiful white mycelium resembling nerve endings and snowflakes send out billions of neuron messages. The mycelium of mushrooms extend deep into the earth with the fruit we see as one tiny part of the organism. Their invisible system helps other plants obtain nutrients, clean water, remineralize soil and even destroy noxious substances such as plastic and oil. The largest mycelium known is in Oregon, this Honey mushroom measures 22, 000 square feet! [Editors note: I think she means acres.] Oregon must be a very special place indeed.

In a recent You Tube video Paul Stamets [Editors note: she didn’t provide the link, this one might be close], one of the world leading mushroom advocates, talks of research showing that mycelium are able to communicate to other plants creating a ‘global mind’ of active consciousness beneath our feet. Very synchronistical this film arrived in my email the day I started writing this blog and it is well worth the twenty minutes of viewing. His wonderful book MyceliumRunning: HowMushroomsCanSavetheWorld shows how the Elm Oyster grown with vegetables increased the yield of crops by up to 400%.

The Aquarian energy is all about the development of the ‘global mind’ and a non-hierarchical and inclusive society. Mushrooms have an incredible diversity but one thing they have in common is that they interact with other species in a cooperative way. The Paul Stamets film shows bees drinking ecstatically from mycelium in mushroom beds of wood chippings and this delicious nectar from beneath the ground also fights viruses and bugs which are nearly wiping bees out in the last decade. Likewise as we experience massive earth changes in the electromagnetic field of our planet, environmental disaster and increasing volcanic activity across the globe we can expect to see an increase in viruses such as Ebola and health problems as our bodies try to adapt to the new energies. Viruses in particular may become more active as the fires within the belly of the earth boil and erupt through the mantle.

Medicinal mushrooms such as Rishi and Shitake have a mind boggling array of health problems they can address such as anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial diseases. Mushrooms are the longest living life form on earth having survived various severe climate changes and they are the key to helping us adapt and keep our immune systems strong to cope with the unfolding changes.

One of the key mushrooms which relates to the development of the ‘global mind’ are Cordyceps and in my experience they do indeed give ‘super intelligence’ in the form of ‘making connections’. It feels very much that they are myceliating the brain, creating neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres and the primitive and frontal cortexes in the same way they work beneath the earth. It is highly possible that mushrooms hold the key to the next evolutionary stage of human development in the way high proteins found in seafood and meat did for our ancient ancestors who made the leap to Homo Sapiens.

The great thing about super intelligence is that we start to see the whole picture and realize that short term gain is not always a wise move on either an individual or collective level, and this thinking will then flow into how we behave towards each other. It felt very synchronistic today as I completed this article that a book called TheMasterandhisEmissarybyIanMcGilchrist crossed my path. Written by a a scientist of very high status within his own field of neuro science, Ian writes of his view that when the Right or creative brain takes control of the Left brain human beings function at a much higher level and see through a ‘global mind’. He talks of the dangers in Western society of focusing on the left brain and having lots of problems because of it.

Mushrooms I believe hold the key to assisting us to cross the Asteroid belt into the ‘global mind’ where we bring our whole and diverse selves to life and community. Mushrooms are above all else cooperative and inclusive and because of this they are a highly successful life form. There is a very high possibility that mushrooms arrived on our planet in the tail of a comet, and like plants such as Orchids are gifts from other ‘star realms’ to assist our evolution. The aliens have landed long ago and chances are you are walking above them!

The journey across the asteroid belt which develops the ‘global mind’ requires the integration of the Goddess archetypes for women and men and the transformation of Chiron the Wounded Healer to open our hearts to empathy and compassion for others. As one of the greatest polarizations in the world is between Christianity, Judaism and the Muslim religion it seems also an important time to call the Goddess back into these religions in her many forms as Stellar Maris Mother of the Sea, Ashara Lady of the Sea and Al Uzza Goddess of the Morning Star. The Blood Moons have awakened the realization that many of the most holy days in all major religions are aligned with Moon cycles and feminine consciousness in their pure form. We have two more Blood Moons in April and October this year so take some time to have a multi faith celebration for World Peace.

I’d like to share a little story about my dog Penny who is 13 years old and has arthritis. On Christmas morning she woke up and her back legs went and she was crying. In desperation I decided to try her on a pinch of my mushroom immune blend I take each day after checking on was it poisonous to dogs. Early signs are very promising, and she has a new lease on life. She started doing her evening patrol of the perimeter of the garden again after almost a year, and she also has been playing much more with our younger dog Bongo. I’m calling her my myceliated hound and she loves it!

I’m starting a new group in Lancashire, UK with neuroscientist Dr. Jen Altman called The Mystical Physiology of the Body: Exploring the Interface of New Paradigm Science and the Ancient Cosmic teachings. If you live close by and would like to come along get in touch. We would also be very happy to deliver this workshop elsewhere!  I specialize in Goddess asteroid and Centaur chart readings if you want to go deeper into your chart. Contact for more information. link to original article


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