Steve Lendman – Failed Ukraine Peace Talks – 7 February 2015

StevelendmanCall it preordained. It didn’t surprise despite typical diplomatic rhetoric following Friday’s Moscow talks. More on this below.

Washington’s dirty hands operate everywhere overtly and covertly. Failure was manipulated behind the scenes.

Obama wants war, not peace. He wants Donbas democracy crushed. Hardline fascist rule throughout Ukraine.

All former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries incorporated into NATO. Ukraine most of all. Washington is using it as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland.

America’s ultimate goal is regime change. Ousting Putin. Replacing his government with pro-Western stooges.

America gaining control over Russia’s vast land mass and resources. Plundering them for profit.

Turning ordinary Russians into ruthlessly exploited serfs. The same scheme America pursues globally – including at home.

Raping countries for profit and unchallenged global dominance. No nation threatens world peace and humanity’s survival more than America.

None more recklessly risks ending life on earth to control it. None more infested with bipartisan criminals.

Power-hungry scoundrels governing for their own self-interest. Glorifying war in the name of peace. Calling mass slaughter and destruction liberation.

Ukraine is Washington’s newest colony. It wants total control nationwide. Prohibits democratic governance anywhere. Wants war continued to prevent it in Donbas.

John Kerry’s bluster wore thin long ago. Credibility isn’t his long suit. Big Lies substitute. So does moral cowardice. He outrageously demonizes Russia and Putin relentlessly.

Despite all-out Moscow efforts for peaceful conflict resolution, Kerry calls nonexistent “Russian aggression” Ukraine’s “largest threat.”

No evidence whatever proves it. Claiming Russian hoards invaded Ukraine turns simple logic on its head.

Satellite images would show it. None exist. Russian troops would roll over Kiev’s inept military in days. Ending conflict in short order.

It continues without end. Ongoing since last April. Escalating toward something potentially much more serious – European war, direct confrontation with Russia. At risk is embroiling the whole continent in conflict.

Merkel and Hollande are close US allies. On the one hand, peace and stability prevent the unthinkable. Benefit all European countries.

On the other, US-dominated NATO calls the shots. Forcing other member states to support its imperial agenda. No matter how harmful to their own self-interest.

What Merkel and Hollande had in mind going to Kiev and Moscow they’ll have to explain. Knowing peace in Ukraine wouldn’t follow.

Any more than in September 1938 when British Prime Minister Neville Chaamberlain declared “peace in our time” after meeting with Hitler.

Hard reality awaited. WW II followed months later. Tens of millions perished. Does WW III loom?

Talks are meaningless. Actions alone can prevent the unthinkable. No Western country does anything responsible.

Diplomatic rhetoric following Friday talks reveals failure. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov put a brave face on them saying:

“On the basis of proposals made by the French President and German Chancellor, there is currently ongoing joint work to prepare the text of a possible joint document on the implementation of the Minsk agreements – a document that would include proposals made by Ukrainian President Poroshenko and proposals put forward today by Russian President Putin.”

Calling talks “constructive, informative and substantive” is code language for resolving nothing.

Discussions will continue by phone on Sunday, Peskov added. According to Merkel spokesperson Steffen Seibert:

“On the basis of a proposal by Germany’s chancellor and France’s president, a possible joint document to implement the Minsk agreement will now be worked on.”

Comments like this beg the question. Why is another document needed to implement what already exists? Other than updating to reflect today’s reality.

Both sides accepted Minsk September 5 and follow-up September 19 memorandum terms.

Kiev violated them straightaway. Both agreements weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

Will repeating failure produce success? On the one hand, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says world leaders shouldn’t “try to fix (Ukraine’s) problems at gunpoints.”

On the other, no Western country does anything meaningful to stop conflict. Worthless rhetoric substitutes.

Friday talks achieved no breakthroughs. Claims otherwise reflect pure fantasy. No end of conflict looms. Washington wants war, not peace.

A previous article cited an observer saying it’ll be fought to the last Ukrainian. Washington cares only about its imperial aims.

It considers millions of lost lives and appalling human misery small prices to pay.

On February 7, Tass expressed no optimism about where things go from here.

Quoted Poroshenko’s deputy administration head Valeriy Chaly saying:

“There was no discussion (in Kiev) of federalization or of what has been mentioned in the foreign press.”

“The purpose was to coordinate positions on the eve of Chancellor Merkel’s and Francois Hollande’s visit to Moscow.”

“(T)he point at issue is implementation of the already achieved agreements.”

Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko agreed on specific steps to resolve conflict.

Their “meeting showed that we can talk to our partners about a common stance in very clear terms,” Chaly added.

“In fact, this is the ‘position of the three’ that they took to Moscow” for talks with Putin.

A US-orchestrated prescription for failure. Friday Moscow talks were an exercise in futility.

Escalated conflict continues. Russia irresponsibly blamed for US/Kiev high crimes.

At Munich’s ongoing Security Conference, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg addressed participants on Saturday.

His talk was infested with disinformation, distortions and Big Lies. Hyperbole substituted for hard truths.

He outrageously claimed “a dangerous pattern of Russian behavior.”


“Aggressive actions.”

“And intimidation.”

“The conflict in Ukraine is deepening with a horrific cost to civilians.”

“The causes are clear and cannot be denied.”

“Russia continues to provide training, equipment, and forces in support of the separatists.”

“And it continues to destabilise Ukraine.”

“In utter disregard for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“North Africa and the Middle East are also in turmoil.”

“States are breaking up.”

“And conflict is at our borders.”

“Extremism is fueling barbaric violence across the region.”

“And inspiring terrorism on our own streets.”

Fact check:

Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Rogue EU partners share it. Including Merkel, Hollande and Britain’s Cameron – partners in high crimes against peace.

No nation works harder for peaceful conflict resolution than Russia. Putin and Sergey Lavrov especially deserve high praise for going all-out to resolve things diplomatically.

Despite knowing Washington thwarts their best efforts. Wants war, not peace.

Uses Ukraine’s military as a proxy US force. Responsible for murdering thousands of Donbas civilians in cold blood.

Deliberately and maliciously targeting hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, city streets, and other nonmilitary related areas.

Washington and its proxy Kiev military are guilty of naked aggression, intimidation, mass slaughter and destruction.

What’s ongoing indeed “is clear and cannot be denied.” America (not Russia) “continues to provide training, equipment, (heavy weapons, funding) and forces in support of” Kiev’s military.

Washington appoints NATO heads as convenient US stooges. Stoltenberg represents imperial American interests.

Deploring peace. Supporting war. Demonizing Russia and Putin irresponsibly. Blaming them for US/Kiev high crimes of war and against humanity.

US-dominated NATO is the greatest threat to world peace. An alliance for mass slaughter and destruction.

Waging one war after another. Supporting others serving Western interests. Humanity’s survival depends on stopping this monster.

A US-dominated instrument of death, destruction and human misery. If Merkle and Hollande were serious about peace, they’d renounce NATO membership straightaway.

Abandon its war-making agenda. Ally with Russia against US imperial madness.

Save humanity from the scourge of potential mass annihilation. Urge other world leaders to ally in a global anti-war campaign.

Wage peace and mutual cooperation like never before. More desperately needed today than any other time in world history.

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