Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – 7 February 2015

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

         It is with gratitude that I write this message. For several weeks I had major technical problems with my computer. There were so many viruses and messed up situations that the whole hard drive had to be re-loaded. This is an example of Mercury in its most retrograde. Fortunately, it goes direct on the 11th. Therefore, I take nothing for granted when it comes to technology. Have you noticed how much these problems drain you and how dependent we are on their functioning? The stress of things not working can be too much. Have any of you ever felt like where you come from (not the earth) everything works? If you feel this way you know why it’s more stressful when things don’t work. It feels abnormal.

February is the month of love. What are you doing about love in your life? Do you love yourself and those around you? How open is your heart? Are you holding the energy of oneness in your heart? Can you feel the softer energy of this New Year in Chinese astrology—the year of the Wood Sheep? The energies from the Wood Horse Year of 2014 were intense. This year is supposed to be easier, more abundant, with potential changes going on in governments and banking to mention a few areas. Change is rampant but softer this year.

About a week ago a woman called me. She reminded me that about a year ago she “called me by mistake.” I vaguely remember telling her what I do (spiritual counseling, meditation, teaching, healing, readings). This time she called to tell me that her four and one half year old son is providing teachings that sound like the Gnostic teachings. She said, “He told me he is God.” I replied, “Well, he is God and so are the rest of us.” She asked if I knew of any support groups for parents of these kinds of kids. If you do know of a group like this please let me know. I would like to help this little boy and his mother. It sounds like this little prodigy came in with full remembrance of his work. He is doing God’s work and is helping others to awaken. She is filming her son’s teachings and I recommended they be place on youtube.

Have any of you heard about Nibiru being very close to the earth right now? We have been told for quite a while that they (the Annuiki) would be coming back. Do you believe or know if they are here? I have seen some recent videos that were taken at sunrise where it looks like there could be a bigger sun rising along with our regular sun. I also saw a video that showed a large object at the earth’s horizon that was supposedly blacked out by NASA. No, they wouldn’t do that would they?

It would be nice to get down to the truth. If Nibiru is back what are they planning on doing? They will find us quite different from when they were here before and enslaved the planet. I wonder if the awareness of them by the masses would prompt the need for disclosure. How will it all ever be explained?

We’ve been in the fog sometimes where I live in the San Francisco bay area. It’s been about 40 days since we have had any rain. We are expecting rain today. I pray it is a good soaking because the drought is quite bad. It feels strange to not have rain in the winter. This is the first time since they have kept records in the 1800’s that there was no rain in January. I know the weather is severe on the east coast of the U.S. and changing everywhere.

Last night in my Monthly Class with the Masters Class we worked with the Grandmothers and Mother Earth. Mother Earth said: “Pay attention to the Grandmothers for they have the pulse on the wind. I have needed extra tender loving care lately. The Grandmothers take good care of me. They are my shepherds. Custodianship is being turned over to you, the guardians. Please have no remorse for my situation. A lot is at stake. Some may have to pull up their things and move due to rushing waters and winds. Guidance will be given. It could happen fast. Learn to be flexible. The Grandmothers will tell you. Watch the birds and the animals. Nature will speak clearly and sometimes loudly if you don’t listen.”

As I was breathing with Mother Earth in my heart I could feel her take a big breath from within and expand on the outside. It felt like a big shift. I don’t know if this means a pole shift or something else. “I didn’t know I was so loved by the universe, is what I heard the earth say.” Although Mother earth loves all of her children I got the sense that she was embarrassed by some of her children and the way that she has been treated. / link to original article


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