Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Creation Is Flowing To You Continuously – 8 February 2015

LarryLarsonFebruary 8, 2015

Inner Circle Member: Is our task to give 100% trust and commitment to our desires already being present, even—or especially—while they are absent? Is it cheating, even slightly, to say keep looking for a doctor to repair that arm that will not grow back?

You are being drawn to that which you have expressed in desire. There is no explanation for this, there is only the evidence which demonstrates it over and over. From nonphysical we see this clearly. From physical perspective you are each being drawn in a way that is not immediately recognizable to you, because there is as much letting go as there is receiving. You associate letting go with loss. And because you make this association you feel loss and lack, and you feel those things more intensely than the joy of receiving. In order to recognize that you are receiving, you’ve got to practice more letting go without associating that with lack and loss.

You fear loss so deeply that you are always clinging to your present state of being. In other words you have created for yourself a stabilized state where you believe everything stays the same. That which is good, remains good. That which you see as bad, remains bad. And the consistency is that it always remains. You are more comfortable with a well-worn rut than you are with an unrealized future.

When you are on the leading edge of the creation process, when that is your experience, you recognize immediately that creation is flowing to you continuously. It is a continuous flood of the people, places, things, experiences and feelings that you have created in thought-form. And you immediately recognize that letting go of your so-called “present” is absolutely necessary to allow your new creations to flow to you. For most of you, what you think of as your “present” is more of a collection of labels, perceptions and memory imposed upon the actual presence—the vibrational reality—of what lies in front of you.

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