Lisa Gawlas – A Collective “Flash Point” Set For V-Day!! – 8 February 2015

lisagawlas2I’m sitting here trying to figure out where to start and which particular (overload of) information to send out today when I hear, completely out of the blue, “there is a collective flash point coming up.”  A flash point??  With that I could see waves of wave energy (smile) encircle the earth and amazingly enough they gave us a timeline… February 14th, Valentines day.

(I am interjecting this here simply because I just typed out the title of this sharing (which I do last) and instead of writing out Valentine’s day, obviously there is a V-day.  I am instantly right back in the reading from my lady the other day, her marching band in V and dash formation!!  Hmmmmmmmm!!!!! )

Yesterday, as I was pondering another million and one things, my team took me on a stroll thru my recent accumulation of new clothes that fit my body now.  It only makes (semi) sense today given their detail just mentioned.  When I was heading to Virginia, I had to buy a new pair of job pants to travel in.  I bought a pair just because it had LOVE written down the right leg.  Who doesn’t want to travel in love’s clothing!!  When I was at my sons, I had to buy new lighters, I bought a two pack, doncha know one of the lighters had LOVE written on it (the other had a margarita, which I love lol.)

I am completely swimming in the clothes I have hanging in my closet so I decided to go to the dollar store to see if they had anything for kicking around the house in that fits me now.  I got another pair of jog pants and two shirts.  Down the left leg of my jog pants is “LOVE University” and on the back of one of my (light blue) shirts is LO with VE underneath it.  Hmmmmm, I didn’t even realize that.  It’s funny how we are constantly leaving notes to ourselves even when we do not realize it at all.

Of course, this brings back my experience the other day driving into the world.

So, of course, I have to look up the deeper meaning of “flash point.”  I understand it when it relates to a fire starting… but energy??  The flash point of a volatile material is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air. Measuring a flash point requires an ignition source. At the flash point, the vapor may cease to burn when the ignition source is removed.

Well, this sharing is not going anywhere near what I had planned!! lol  But I have a wonderful three-dimensional story being shown that should help to put this all together for us.  Of course, completely wrapped around the energy of Michael and our ongoing interplay.  Also, as my team is explaining (they know me so well, lol) for me to really understand something, I must have it as experience in my world, the good, the bad, the ugly, it doesn’t matter as long as I get to understanding (eventually.)

It’s kinda funny, I had asked Michael what comes after Christmas and the 4th of July, all I could think of was my birthday, since its in August.  It’s Valentine’s day!!  Spirit is NOT linear at all!!  Just to be very clear on these inner holidays lol, Christmas is the opening of information, connective information that you can so clearly in what appeared randomness now has a vivid connectedness.  The 4th of July is when all that energy becomes ignited in usable energy, application and ongoing insight.

When Michael shares all his bits and pieces and ongoing ah-ha moments, something unique started happening on my end.  Instead of seeing his words, they become a three-dimensional hologram of light information that I can see and actually understand in the collective ongoing story of us (all of us.)  I am also so grateful for his willingness to share and gave permission to share his insights and emails with all of us.

When I think of the exchange, the rapid fire openings that are happening and the freakin synchronicities that are off the charts between us, I keep seeing a constant visual that he actually (inadvertently, smile) made sense of yesterday.  When I think about the question… what is really happening with us, I consistently see a super fast-moving stream of two energies, same exactly color and frequency (that white-blue energy) moving side by side but in opposite directions, creating a massive friction in the tiny little space in between the two lines.  One of his paragraphs yesterday, which was much deeper than I ever realized with energy and information:

My love to you… I can’t wait to read your continuing thoughts/blogs. As you mentioned it feels very much like two ends of a dipole battery that have at last aligned allowing energy to turn on and flow. The positive and negative flip flopping rapidly causing current to flow not as direct current but as … OH MY GOD. Your “sign wave” as alternating current!!!! AC!

Now, to couple this with the paragraph he wrote just before this one that ties in to the next holy shit experience of our moment:

Last night I slept finally. I feel like I could sleep for several days even.. as the travels and all of this have fatigued me. Yet something profound is afoot. I know this. After nearly 3 years of wandering in the ashes putting disparate puzzle pieces together…. they seem to finally be forming a picture. One that so oddly seems familiar to me. Like some old painting from ages ago .. but one that you had in fact painted yourself….Some masterpiece that was … but is now coming together brushstroke by brushstroke….

As I was doing a reading after reading his email, the next thing that he received in his email was something from groupon about a painting class.  He about shit, took a screen shot and sent it to me in my email.  When I was done with my reading, somehow, his new email was already opened on my computer with the screen shot of the painting class offered by groupon wedged between my emails.  I am supposed to be opening up my calendar to get my lady’s next dance on my agenda, instead my eyes were set on seeing his sharing.  The time stamp lit my head on fire 11:11 in my world (1:11 in his Peru world.)

In that very moment, the battery from my phone completely drained.  It had 2 out of 3 bars and next thing I know… it had nothing at all and I was disconnected from my lady.  Hey!!  I need to set her next appointment.  I called her from my (very unreliable) cell phone.  But there was something eerily familiar in the sound happening thru our connection.  Wayyyyyyy back on 11/11/00 when Jill showed up thru that crazy Ouija Board experience that started this crazy path of mine, changed my life forever… I digitally recorded the entire 8 hour Ouija board session and anytime I was repeating what Jill was sliding out in letters on my table, the digital recorder had this twang to it.  One would think after nearly 15 years, you would forget exactly what that twang sounded like… nope.  Not at all.  It was the exact same twant I heard when I played back my recording when Jill talked.  We got her next appointment scheduled and I got the hell off the phone.  Something really strange is happening…

I quickly pop off an email to Michael about my battery drain from his already opened email on my computer.  He sends me back a reply that I am just sitting here thinking… what the hell is happening:

Okay so I walk out to see the storm and there is the owners cool ass 69′ not 65′ Ford Bronco. The battery somehow drained after we came in. Lol. There on the charger. Hahhh
Then I look up and there the storm comes in. “I can tell by … the way the trees beat … that a storm is coming. And I hear the far off fields say things I can’t bear without a friend… I can’t love without a sister.. 
The storm the shifter of shapes drives  on across the woods and across time and the world looks as if it had no age….”
The Beholder

If all this wasn’t strange and exciting enough, he shares two things that just have me sitting back in my seat in amazement:

Okay I just finally read your blog and I have to tell you the strangest thing. The night before coming down here I was with my friend in Miami. He actually lives as far outside and to the west of Miami as you possibly could literally on the border of the Everglades. He is the last house next to the Everglades and actually had three dogs eaten by alligators before he could afford to build a fence. So I am packing to leave and showered and the lights start flickering very strangely. He yells in “is that you?? Did you plug something in?? I’ve never seen this here!! What is that??” I say “No nothing…. I haven’t plugged anything in. What is going on? ” 
He apparently has looked outside and says. ” what the hell is that.?? What’s going on?” 
I say “I dunno. What?!!”
He says.. “There is a piercing blue light in the sky. I don’t know what’s going l!!! “
I say “what the fuck!!”
Wow I’m getting the chills huge as I write this…. as I only just finally read your blog. 
So we both go outside and the entire western sky is lighting up with some crazy cobalt blue light energy. 
I look at him dumbfounded and questioning. 
He goes. “I don’t know. There is one of the largest nuclear reactor power plants in the country to our south and a normal coal power plant to our north but I’ve never seen this.” 
Then he says!….. “I’ve heard that the water across the Florida Everglades can light up like a “battery”… but I swear I’ve never seen this before.”
Then we get in the car to take me to the airport and that was that!! Crazy right?!!
Okay so another HUGE thing to use your nomenclature. My friend Natalie just reads your blog too and she sits up straight as an arrow with regard to the part about you not being able to breath. !!! Oh my god.  So last night at (as Natalie puts it) 3-3:30 am apparently I jumped up out of bed not able to breath. I stood up and wake her up cold struggling to take any breath. There were several moments of blind panic as we struggled to find the light switch and then finally I was very forcibly and deliberately able to draw a breath. I stood couching terribly for several minutes. I went outside to breath a bit and then finally returned to take a breath. If you listen to that sound file I initially sent (the earlier one) from Reiki Katie … she talks about my lungs and says the same exact thing .. that the air here is not for me. It’s like it’s not high enough or enriched enough anymore and she claimed she could see me during my previous ayahuasca experience having the beings (other archangels) reaching down into me pulling this black tar out of me… and that my suit (like a worn out old swim suit was wearing very thin)
Isn’t that nuts though!! The same breathing thing? We were both complaining about this incessant cough that hasn’t seemed to have gone away. 
And now this morning, without a shadow of a doubt in my heart or mind, the original information spirit gave to me thru the two days of writing like crazy “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” are so true in their explanations.  It’s funny what happens as time spreads apart the words, the knowing of that long ago moment (5 years to be exact.)  We alter it.  We change it to fit what we desire, what we want it to mean instead of what they gave us to begin with.  I witnessed it within myself, as more time passed and the information became so far away and less tangible, maybe it all means something else. I am so far from infallible with the trillions of nuggets of information that flows thru me.
Of course, now with much more information coming in, I will have to do a re-write.  The things I couldn’t possibly fathom then, in 2010 as this information flowed into book form, is now so clear and very different than first thought.
I had mentioned before that I had seen that thingie in my livingroom, the white-blue wave of kundalini energy moving up towards the blanket of time, in sine wave formation.  Because it unfolded in front of me I was not sure about that whole kundalini thing… who’s, how did it get there??  Was there a technique that was needed to make what I seen… real, accessible??
For the last few months, spirit keeps explaining to us that the way my field of spiritual vision works, I see what is already on in our realm (physicality) in potential.  That does not mean it will happen, it means the energy is there if you desire that particular outcome.  So what I had seen, is already here.  But different from how I see me and michaels energy streams… at this moment they are zooming at the speed of light in what can be perceived opposite directions, but yet, thru the visual, they never leave the space itself.  To be a bit clearer, imagine two 5 foot ropes laid next to each other, one is charged in movement at one end, the other, the opposite end.  The energy is moving rapidly, the ropes themselves never leave the space.  Geez, easier to see than to put it into words.
What I seen in that time/energy thingie, the formation of kundalini sine wave thing, (which I sure as hell didn’t realize in the moment, or before this moment) was that the kundalini, darker blue on both outer edges (and to my eyes was about 6 inches wide) and this connected energy of white-blue between the outer edges, all moving upwards to the canopy of time.
Even with all of this, over the years, your readings talked about AC/DC currents, activating it, black holes, timespace, everything that came thru you since at least January 2013, is now in front of my face and reaching new realms of understanding thanx to the entrance of Michael and the ever evolving Presence of You!!!
I am so sorry if I am jumping all over the place this morning…
Lets bring this back to Valentine’s day, the flash point and what spirit has said, again thru you, the better part of last year.  The individuations of love, as I mentioned yesterday, passionate “in love-ness” the unconditional love of parent and child, the love between friends, critters, food… all flowing back to the center point of your magnetic field in wholeness.  We had to learn the individual aspects to fully be able to ignite the enormity of the whole in a single breath.
I got a sneak peek on what the means on my drive into the world the other day.  I also got an amazing sneak peek at how unsustainable it is, I Am, in the 3d world.
What my team is explaining to me in this moment, a brief flash point of experience so I could really understand the bigger event for all those walking in this fully activated collective of energy I call, Shambhala.
One day in on earth, all eyes and heart are focused on love.  The volatile material, thought/desire/yearning fills the atmosphere.  A wave of energy will encircle the upper and lower atmospheres with red and blue striations of energy, waves as far up and as far down as my sight goes… igniting.
To keep it burning within your realm of created reality, two things must be constant.  Love-ing Gratitude.  We hyphenated for a reason, to use it as an action word.  Creation expands and builds upon It’s Self thru the movement of Love-ing… it sustains itself within the realm of creation by gratitude.  Dreamer and Creator, inseparable and unstoppable!!
Well, I was going to close there, but my vision just went out into ET-ville.  Weird.  Since the 2nd of February I have been watching this… thing, erect itself.  Forming what could look like a very interconnected city of light.  Yesterday, thru my two attempts at doing ET readings, I could not move past this… thing, solid light almost to the ground level.  I could not see past it nor get any connection, even on the deep horizon to any ET’s.  Several days ago, one of the ET sessions stated that even tho whatever it is that is being energetically built out there will continue thru the better part of the year, it will be completed enough in its initial phase for the ships to return to their parking spot.  Alrighty then!!
As I suddenly turn my vision to that area, I could see this counter clock-wise rotating… antenna??  satellite mesh dish??  It’s at the top part of this light structure, and the counter clock-wise rotation denotes an opening.  Hmmmmmmm… I have two ET sessions today, it sure it going to be interesting!!  Game on!!
I love you all so flipping much.  Thank you for all you have done, do, and will do.  May your appetite be insatiable for… more!!
(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, bliss and magic to all.  Ohhhh speaking of magic lol.  The jeanie in the bottle that came thru a lot last year too… the friction mentioned above.  Related.  Phew!!!
Lisa Gawlas

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