UAE Sends F-16 Jets To Jordan To Step Up Airstrikes Against ISIS – Report – 8 February 2015

RT logoJordanian Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali, said Saturday that Jordan will go after Islamic State (IS) and will “wipe them out completely.” Meanwhile there are reports that UAE is sending F-16 jets to Jordan to aid the airstrikes.

Jordan has stepped up its air campaign in retaliation against IS, after militants released a video of them brutally burning to death a captured Jordanian pilot, Lt Mouath al-Kasaesbeh, in a cage.

On Saturday Jordanian F-16 fighter jets were involved in a fresh wave of bombings against IS positions and were seen returning to the Muwaffaq Al Salti Air Base without their missiles. Two F-22 jets with US markings also landed at the airbase.

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