Wes Annac – Wisdom With Wes: Where Does Wisdom Come From? – 9 February 2015

wesannac2Wisdom isn’t something that starts in the brain, and it definitely isn’t localized to the brain or any other physical organ. It comes from deep within, and it’s a quality we gain when we access the heart and let our love and awareness flow with as little mind-driven resistance as possible.

As ironic as it might sound, the mind can block our expression of our wisdom if we let it, and we have to open our minds and let our deeper wisdom flow through if we want to help anyone along this difficult journey. Being wise is a great quality that’ll help us a lot in life, but we have to understand what wisdom is and where it really comes from before we can use it to help others.

Realizing that wisdom doesn’t necessarily come from the brain will help us understand its true origins, and it’ll all make sense once we can keep our minds open and our hearts receptive to our inner voice, which contains more wisdom than we’ll know what to do with.

Will you explore your wisdom in a deeper way today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com

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