‘95% Genetically Male’ Gives Birth To Miracle Twins – 10 February 2015

RT logoIn the rarest case ever recorded in medical history, a 32-year-old Indian woman who was diagnosed to have 95 percent male chromosomes has given birth to healthy twins following three years of fertility treatment.

“This is akin to a male delivering twins,” fertility specialist Sunil Jindal told AFP. “It’s nothing short of a medical miracle. We are really happy that we could pull it off.”

The twins, a boy and a girl weighing 2.25 kg and 2.50 kg, were delivered through caesarean section on Friday. Their mother has an intersex condition in which XY male chromosomes are dominant in the body. Medically referred to as XY gonadal dysgenesis, she has external female characteristics with non-functional ovaries that are necessary for natural reproduction.

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