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NaturalNews – L.J. Devon – Why Does Big Food Put Harmful Chemicals In Cereal In America But Not Europe? – 10 February 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The US has a unique system in place for regulating food chemicals. It’s been around since 1958, providing loop holes for companies to sneak through. Initially designed to provide oversight, this system has instead become a gateway for welcoming an explosion of food chemicals, all disguised under one name.

In 1958, President Eisenhower signed the Food Additives Amendment. This law gave the FDA power to lump food ingredients under the approval term “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). Over time, this blanket term has become a loop hole for food corporations looking to make their products cheaper.

GRAS system allows food industry to take shortcuts allowing food chemicals voluntary oversight
The GRAS system allows food manufacturers to make safety determinations about new chemicals without any real oversight by the FDA. The food industry is allowed to voluntarily inform the FDA about their chemicals, making GRAS a free-for-all for companies trying to get ahead and take shortcuts. These shortcuts put the health of the nation at risk.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – The Globalization Of War (And How To Resist It) – 10 February 2015

Michel Chossudovsky joins GRTV once again to discuss his new book, “The Globalization of War.” We discuss the threat of nuclear warfare, NATO’s use of proxy terrorist armies to destabilise sovereign nations, and how people can fight back against the US-NATO war agenda.

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NaturalNews – Vaccine Zero U.S. Measles Deaths In 10 Years, But Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported – 10 February 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate. (Story by Brian Shilhavy, republished from VaccineImpact.com)

So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths associated with measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths associated with measles vaccines during the same 10 year period. Continue reading

If Germany Holds Firm On EU Deal, Greece Can Look To USA, Russia, China – 10 February 2015

RT logoGreece warns that if informal EU leader Germany remains rigid on granting Athens a new deal, it will seek assistance elsewhere. The US, Russia and China are the possible candidates.

READ MORE: Greek PM says troika bailout failed, will not ask for extension

The warning came from new Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who assumed office after the populist Syriza party won general election in January and its leader Alexis Tsipras took the prime ministership from Antonis Samaras.

“What we want is a deal. But if there is no deal – hopefully (there will be) – and if we see that Germany remains rigid and wants to blow apart Europe, then we have the obligation to go to Plan B. Plan B is to get funding from another source,” he told Greek television on an overnight show running into early Tuesday, as reported by Reuters.

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ZeroHedge – Private Property: The Only Solution To The Vaccine Controversy – 10 February 2015

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Robert Murphy via Mises Canada blog,

A measles outbreak in the U.S. has prompted a national debate over vaccinations, a debate that quickly turned ugly baby vaccinebecause both sides think they are protecting their children from harm. Some parents say that they should have the right to refuse vaccines if they think it is in their children’s best interest, while others argue that ill-informed parental views can be overridden by the State if the public health is at stake. When argued on the traditional battleground, the problem has no solution. As with school prayer, immigration policies, parade permits for controversial groups, or allowing the homeless in “public” libraries, here too there is no way to solve the problem except by letting private property owners set the rules on their land.

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FDA Fails To Report Fraud In Clinical Trials – Study – 10 February 2015

RT logoThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely fails to report evidence of fraud or misconduct when it inspects the way researchers conduct clinical trials, leaving the public unaware of which research is credible and which isn’t.

Researchers at New York University found that in dozens of published papers where the FDA had uncovered faults in clinical trials, only three ever indicated that violations occurred. In a stem cell trial, for example, all patients were said to have experienced improvement – despite one having a foot amputated.

The New York University study examined 57 clinical trials that received a notice of violation from the FDA for poor record keeping, false information, and poor patient study. Researchers found that findings from those clinical trials were used in 78 published papers – but only in three instances were the faults in the clinical trials mentioned in the papers.

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California Water Aquifers Injected With Waste 2,500 Times, New Rules Proposed – 10 February 2015

RT logoFollowing the news that California allowed oil companies to inject waste into federally protected underground aquifers, state regulators are offering a new set of rules to govern the way water is safeguarded in the future.

According to a report by the Associated Press, state officials permitted oil and gas companies to dispose of waste and other fluids into aquifers containing drinking and irrigation water more than 2,500 times. Significantly, 46 percent of these permits were authorized within the last four years – the same timeframe during which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned California that regulators were not sufficiently protecting underground water reserves in the drought-stricken state.

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ZeroHedge – US Senator Demands A Federal Reserve Bailout Of Greece – 10 February 2015

ZeroHedgeIt should hardly come as a surprise when a hard-core US socialist comes out with demands that his socialist peers in Greece be bailed out by none other than the Federal Reserve: in fact, it does show why while so many quasi-socialists hate when the Fed bails out the “loathsome” banks, they love when the Fed bails out everyone else. And yes, socialists are known to demand for bailouts – in fact the more often, and the more frequently, the better .

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‘95% Genetically Male’ Gives Birth To Miracle Twins – 10 February 2015

RT logoIn the rarest case ever recorded in medical history, a 32-year-old Indian woman who was diagnosed to have 95 percent male chromosomes has given birth to healthy twins following three years of fertility treatment.

“This is akin to a male delivering twins,” fertility specialist Sunil Jindal told AFP. “It’s nothing short of a medical miracle. We are really happy that we could pull it off.”

The twins, a boy and a girl weighing 2.25 kg and 2.50 kg, were delivered through caesarean section on Friday. Their mother has an intersex condition in which XY male chromosomes are dominant in the body. Medically referred to as XY gonadal dysgenesis, she has external female characteristics with non-functional ovaries that are necessary for natural reproduction.

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Obama, Merkel Display ‘Tactical Disagreements’ Over Ukraine – 10 February 2015

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The option of supplying Kiev with “lethal defensive weapons” is on the table, Barack Obama said in a joint press conference with Angela Merkel. However, the German chancellor reiterated there is no “military solution” to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

“The possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that’s being examined,” the US president said during a joint press conference with Merkel in Washington.

“I want to emphasize that a decision has not yet been made,” Obama said when questioned about weapons a second time. “It is true that if, in fact, diplomacy fails, what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all options. What other means can we put in place to change Mr. Putin’s calculus?”

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