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ZeroHedge – Jim Grant: The Greek Monetary Back-Story – 10 February 2015

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Jim Grant via LinkedIn,

Raging against its German creditors, the new Greek government is demanding reparations for Nazi-era depredations. Herewith—from the Grant’s archives—some timely context both for the Greek negotiating position and the underlying monetary issues.

(Grant’s, February 24, 2012) “Statements and assurances from Greece are no longer taken at face value,” a German economics professor, Wolfram Schrettl, has remarked. “Who will ensure afterward that Greece continues to stand by what Greece is agreeing to now?” the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, has demanded.

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New Mexico Sheriff Foils IRS Attempt To Seize Resident’s Property – Report – 10 February 2015

RT logoA sheriff in New Mexico physically stopped US Marshals from enforcing Internal Revenue Service orders at a residential property, later calling on the IRS to halt a public auction of the premises until the tax-owing homeowner’s court appeal is heard.

According to BenSwann.com, Eddy County (N.M.) Sheriff Scott London risked arrest by the US Marshal Service to intervene on behalf of county resident Kent Carter, who allegedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS for decades of tax bills earned through his construction business.

On authorization from the IRS, the US Marshals reportedly entered Carter’s property in mid-December to arrest or evict anyone on the premises. Risking his own arrest, London stood between the Marshals and Carter’s property.

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Freudian Slip? CNN Says Obama Considers Arming Pro-US Troops…In Ukraine – 10 February 2015

Social media is abuzz after CNN labeled Ukrainian forces involved in Kiev’s deadly military operation in the country’s southeast as “pro-US troops.” Online comments are calling it a Freudian slip, claiming it unmasks the true agenda behind the conflict.

The headline during CNN’s Monday segment, dedicated to talks between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, read: “Obama considers arming pro-US troops.”

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ActivistPost – Is Soros Preparing A Color Revolution For Greece? – 10 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the recent victory of Syriza in Greece, opponents of austerity the world over have been rejoicing. The news from a country crushed by austerity policies, the European Central Bank, the IMF, and corrupt oligarchs is now heralding a shift in direction toward a “third way” that does not simply involve trading one austerity oligarch and his party for another.

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Ferguson Sued For Municipal Fine & Jailing Those Who Can’t Pay – 10 February 2015

RT logoChallenging municipal ticketing operations, lawsuits filed against the St. Louis suburbs of Ferguson and Jennings allege the mass of fines and jailings over minor offenses amount to a “municipal scheme designed to brutalize, to punish, and to profit.”

The lawsuits were filed on Sunday evening just before the six-month anniversary of the fatal police shooting in August of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. They allege Ferguson and Jennings, neighboring minority-majority municipalities in north St. Louis County, are violating the US Constitution by jailing those unable to pay mounting fines. Offenders are locked up for weeks at a time in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

The suits — filed by lawyers from Equal Justice Under Law, ArchCity Defenders, and the Saint Louis University School of Law — are seeking class-action status. Both were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

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Bahrain Suspends ‘Independent’ News Network For ‘Failing To Fight Terrorism’ – 10 February 2015

RT logoBahrain has justified shutting down a new pan-Arabic news channel, saying it had no license and gave a voice to terrorists. Al-Arab was taken off the air last week after it broadcast an interview with an opposition politician hours after its launch.

READ MORE: Bahrain gags newly-opened TV channel after opposition figure interviewdel

“The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) announces the suspension of Al-Arab satellite channel following its failure to obtain the required licensing approval to commence broadcasting in Bahrain,” said a statement about the Saudi-owned operation. “The IAA emphasizes that the channel had also failed to match the standards of regional and international practice agreements, to take account of efforts aimed at stemming the tide of extremism and terrorism throughout the region and the wider world.”

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ActivistPost – Vaccine Apocalypse Now – 10 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJack Mullen
Activist Post

“Compulsory vaccination which once had the suffrage of the nation has now hardly a serious supporter. We are ashamed to jettison the idea completely and perhaps afraid that if we did the accident of some future epidemic might put us in the wrong. We prefer to let compulsory vaccination die a natural death and are relieved that the general public is not curious enough to demand an inquest. In the meantime our attention is diverted to other and new forms of immunisations” – [A] Charles Cyril Okell, “From a Bacteriological Back-Number,” The Lancet, January 1, 1938 pp 48-49

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UK Immigration Detention Centers Probed By Home Office After Abuse Revelations – 10 February 2015

RT logoBritish Home Secretary Theresa May is to launch a review into the treatment and welfare of detainees held in immigration removal centers, the Home Office announced on Monday.

The review will look into how well detainees are treated in these centers, and will be led by the former Prisons and Probation Ombudsman for England and Wales, Stephen Shaw CBE.

The review comes after a string of complaints made by activists and detainees regarding the treatment of some of the UK’s immigration removal centers, which include allegations of violence and sexual abuse.

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Automakers Stumped: Report Says Hackers Can Hijack Almost Any Car – 10 February 2015

RT logoAlmost all automobiles sold today contain systems that can potentially be compromised by hackers, a United States Senator warns, but automakers appear largely unaware of the implications, according to his report.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) is calling on the world’s automobile makers to implement mandatory safeguards after his congressional inquiry revealed a widespread absence of security and privacy protection with regards to cars currently being sold around the world.

Security that could curb hacking against automobiles or allow sensitive information to be compromised must be put in place by the auto industry, Markey’s office warns in the report published Monday, and current protection, when it’s brought to bear, is largely inconsistent.

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ActivistPost – Two US Wars Of Aggression You Probably Never Heard Of – 10 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJohn Vibes
Activist Post

While there are only a few wars that are recognized by the public education system and mainstream media, the US has been involved in hundreds of different wars and invasions all over the planet in the past 100 years.

Below is some information about just two of the wars that are often left out of the history books.

Between 1964 and 1973, the U.S. dropped over two million tons of bombs on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions, making Laos the most heavily bombed country in history. The US dropped more bombs on Laos than they did on both Germany and Japan combined during World War 2.

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