Sophia Love – Thy Will Be Done – 10 February 2015


There is melancholy to this day; not sadness, but quiet contemplation.  The prisoners are waking up, wondering why there are bars.  We don’t seem angry, just finished.  Its early morning, not yet 9:00 AM.  I’ve been 3 places so far today, and in each there was a hush, almost self-absorption.  This song was playing in the coffee shop as I entered…followed by this one… Perfect.

It’s cold.  We are wearing our coats and sweaters indoors and yet this paper, on which these words are being written, still chills my hand.  The temperature fits our emotional state.  The hot cup of coffee I hold does little to raise the number of degrees in my body.  There seems no shelter from this.  We will feel this mood regardless.  Now this song plays..

Your prison status dawns on you regardless of age or location in life. You will not escape Unity.  How this works is that we believe what we see and we see what we believe.  As we collectively awaken we open our eyes to a new reality.  The shifts in energy and focus are all happening because we are shifting.  We are not BEING SHIFTED.  We are doing the shifting with every ounce of our being.

What is it you want?  What crazy, beyond  reasonable desire do you harbor?  Not for something physical, not for this discussion, but for the whole of humanity?


It really does work that way.  We are prisoners because we continue to sit in a docile stupor and obey. We’ve accepted the sentence.  We remain behind bars of fear and refuse to risk escape.

It is our collective expectation that perpetuates global action.  Our numbers may not be massive (those reading this particular post) but the power held in our combined energy is enormous.

The move “Solar Revolution” talks about a single event of cosmic passion.  Many of us expect an “Event” of some kind.  Many others of us have also dreamt of such a moment, when “something huge happens”.  This “something” calls us out of our homes, as One.  I have dreamt twice of this, the last time just two nights ago.  I see us all getting a huge shot of “love juice” and in that moment, nothing is the same.  The prison ceases to exist.  You cannot shackle a self-aware god.

Once you know who you are, all doubt ceases. Your choices, actions, words and feelings will reflect only freedom.  I’ve sat in the midst of a thunderstorm, intently watching a movie, blissfully unaware that all around us were falling trees with neighbors losing electrical power.  We remained unaffected. Point of view decides everything.

As One, we must expect this love-blast, this infusion, this global realization, this game changing “event”.  We must hold fast to what is true in the depths of our heart – that we are extensions of Source, upgraded with human emotion.  We are no less than gods in our creative ability; master creators, unmatched in all of the cosmos.

This is the song playing now. Not reserved for elders or officials, respect is for each of you.  Feel your worth.  A moment of self-love, felt by many, would catapult us into an “event” of enormous possibility. This is how creation works.  Belief, expectation, manifestation.

Let’s use February 14th, 2015 for some real love.  Let’s honor all of creation with respect.  Take a moment this Saturday to feel the truth of you. Take the entire day!!! See yourself as a snippet of Source in a human costume, and see everyone else right there with you.

Treat yourself with care; adore yourself.  It is by universal consent that life occurs on this planet and everywhere.  Let’s agree to love ourselves – all at once – and watch the cosmos reflect that love right back to us.  If we expect magic, magic occurs.  The prison walls dissolve.  We emerge free.  Now the fun begins – conscious creation!

We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.


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