NaturalNews – Mike Adams – The Brian Williams Mainstream Media Lesson: Lie And Get Six Months’ Suspension; Tell The Truth And Get Blackballed For Life – 11 February 2015

(NNaturalNewss Logo-April-2014aturalNews) Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement Tuesday night in reaction to NBC’s decision to suspend Nightly News anchor Brian Williams without pay for six months: [1]

NBC’s lead anchor is exposed as a serial liar who attempts to deceive even when he’s apologizing for his lies. And for that he gets a suspension? One month, two months, six months, six years. Who cares? NBC has decided that news presented by a dishonest superstar is preferable to news presented honorably by anyone else if it means a drop in ratings. But this isn’t supposed to be about ratings. It’s supposed to be about professionalism, and ethics, and honestly. If NBC thinks giving Mr. Williams a sabbatical resolves the issue, that network is clueless. A new descriptor is born: ‘NBC News, whose lead anchor repeatedly has lied about the news…’ NBC is unbelievable –literally — just like Brian Williams.

The only thing Brian Williams could have done that’s far worse than lying, of course, is telling the truth.

Any truth-tellers in the mainstream news media are blackballed for life if they even dare report the truth on any of the following topics and more:

– Vaccine side effects
– GMOs
– Fluoride toxicity
– Mercury toxicity in dentistry
– CDC whistleblowers
– National debt
– Real unemployment statistics
– Cancer industry
– Natural cures
– Currency wars
– Central banks
– Toxic chemicals in the food supply

For lying, Brian Williams got off easy: Six months without pay. But he’s welcome to come back after six months and continue lying to the American public as a leading news anchor.

Had he told the truth, however, about any one of the topics mentioned above, Williams would have been eviscerated and blackballed for life.

Only in the mainstream media today is being a truth-teller a far worse “crime” than being a serial liar.

The new slogan for NBC News? “NBC News. Believe whatever the f*%# we tell you!”

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