Selacia – Demystify Your Unique Life Imprint – Power – 12 February 2015

SelaciaIn this year of challenging the status quo and current uses of power, one of the most potent applications of your energy is to better understand your unique life imprint involving power. Why? When you begin to grasp your own DNA-level conditioning about power and see the bigger picture of how and why you sometimes unconsciously disown your own power, you become resourced to change the situation.

How You are Wired to Handle Power

Your unique life imprint is not just about power, of course, yet how you are wired to handle power has a huge influence on your ability to fulfill your soul’s life purpose. This conditioning about power is not new and it’s more than childhood experiences. It goes way back – to your family’s lineage, to your own past lives, and across time to experiences of humanity’s collective.

You won’t identify these elements quickly or all at once. They surface over time as you explore what makes you tick and as you find yourself in situations catalyzing issues of power. When you are facing a challenge with power, an intuitive healer trained to see DNA-level patterns can help you identify root causes and remedies. Even without training, you will get some sense of this on your own – clearing the specific blocks requires experience and skill.

Power in Your Unique Life Imprint

In these moments, you want to be identifying and healing power issues in your unique life imprint. If you doubt you have any such issues, think again. Everyone alive has them. That’s because of humanity’s long history involving imbalances of power.

During this crucial cycle of our history, the injustices involving power are showing up on center stage. We’re no longer nomadic tribal people, but an interconnected society with instant communication. That is changing everything and fast – for you and for people everywhere. We live in a time when there are no curtains or walls big enough to hide the truth about how power is wielded.

A key thing to remember is that power injustices are nothing new. Misuse of power has continued for generations – the only change involves the methods and disguises implemented. Therefore, think big picture and avoid blaming the mechanics of delivery. The real problem is an inequitable system of sharing power.

Planetary Alignments and Power

The 2015 energies are bringing power issues even more into the limelight. We have rare planetary lineups, including with slow-moving planets Pluto and Uranus, sparking an electrifying and constant dance of radical change. Cycles of harsh aspects between these two planets have been a part of our energy landscape for a long while. This will peak in March, the reverberations felt like earthquake aftershocks for months or even years to come.

What does this mean for your everyday life?

First, this will catalyze unfinished business involving power and authority. Issues may seem new or like you are revisiting the past. To be sure, there are no accidents – if something unresolved within you needs to be looked at, it will arise. Tip: avoid getting angry about the issue still being there and call upon your inner resources to move through it as fearlessly as possible.

Second, the people in your life will be impacted in their own individual way. Take this into account and do what you can to avoid reaction. Sometimes a friend or colleague will seem to thwart your growing empowerment – not because you are a threat but because he or she is personally grappling with power. Tip: walk gently and use these situations as opportunities to develop and practice compassion.

Third, in your outer world you will witness countless skirmishes involving power. Stay present with a big picture view. Avoid simply switching off your awareness to this chaotic and seemingly nonproductive show of strength. Tip: hold your vision of a loving world, and remember that switching from fear to love is a messy process.

As our fear-based society is being dismantled, people everywhere will begin to remember that they are divine and that they have a unique role to play during these pivotal years. This divine nature is encoded within humanity’s DNA. The purpose of all battles of opposites and personal healing is to uncover obscurations of this basic truth. Trust that this process of awakening is inevitable – it is the destiny of every being that ever walked the Earth.  

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