Sophia Love – The Hope Of The World – 12 February 2015

SophiaLoveNewA friend of mine once described her grandfather as someone who “treated everyone as someone special, from the grocery clerk to the governor.”  He spent his last days on earth with her family.  He knew he was going to transition, and called it “the next grand adventure.”  He died peacefully and surrounded by loved ones – just the way he had lived.

We are starving for attention, looking for love and desperate to connect – while avoiding eye contact, staying home and watching each other on our phones and tablets.  We can’t get there from here.  This Esther Hicks clip talks about the necessity of being present with your whole heart before things can manifest. This is how creation works.

This week I watched “Meet John Doe”.  Two wonderful monologues discuss neighbors and heelots. Check them out.  The film was made 75 years ago!  We have not changed much.  If anything, we’ve become increasingly isolated and enslaved, yet the title of this post says it all still today –” Wake up John Doe, you’re the hope of the world.

As the corruption is unearthed, who will be left standing here is us.  Yes, the shackles will be removed; yet unchaining you won’t warm your heart or open you up to me or anyone else. You’ve got to do that on your own.  It’s time to engage, everywhere.

What happens when we look each other in the eyes is we remember.  What we remember is our connection to each other.

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to “true love”.  We are not so much destined to ride off into the sunset with one other but with every other.  Grandpa Mark had it figured out.  He was never alone and his heart remained always full.

February 14th can be a day of love for every single one of us.  There is no lack of love; there is merely a misunderstanding of where to look.  Look in the mirror – there are mirrors everywhere in the eyes of your neighbors. Our eyes show you the love that you are and that is not scary or reason to avoid them.  That is reason to grin.  Celebrate love this week at every glance, and what you’ll feel is affirmation.  There are connections in every direction if you pay attention.

You are here to love.  As long as there is someone standing within eyesight you can love. Not just the one special love of your life – but the love of all, in one special life.

It changes your perspective.  Every errand and each outing can be an adventure.  “Who will I love next?”  You will meet the loves of your life, again and again; each one just as important as the one before.

So get dressed for the mirror and for the next chore.  Each pair of eyes you gaze into will gaze back – grateful for your love.  Make this day worthy of your attendance.  It is.  You are here to love; today, this Saturday, every day.  You are the love you’ve been waiting for.


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