Aisha North – A message Of LOVE – 14 February 2015

AishaNorthAnd so it is that we return with another message to inoculate you further with another dosage of this love-fest that is currently sweeping over your globe. For today the swirls of energetic passion that anoints you all come in one flavour only, that of love itself, and as such, take this as another layer of this cake that is being offered you on this festive occasion. For today, the dam of joy has burst and will be spewing forth a never ending flood of light that will serve to anchor you even deeper into that safe berth you have already found deep within your heart. For this is the anchorage you have been searching for far and wide, never being fully able to perceive that it is already here, under your very nose, within that deep and welcoming silence that awaits you in the very core of your being. For that is your home, that is where your heart has always known it to be, and now, as this powerful surge of light has been unleashed from its old embankments by your willingness to keep searching for that elusive target, your search has now come to completion,

For you have found your way into those inner workings of you own being, and as such you have found your home, and this is where you will abide now for eternity. And know that even if you will find yourself at a loss to feel this deep connection to yourself from time to time in the time ahead, fear not, for once this connection has been made, it will never ever let go.

For this anchorage is one that will serve you well no natter how hard the winds of change may blow in the time ahead. For you have made it all the way to that safe harbour, and from there, you will continue to expand and explore beyond any of the old limits that you may still perceive. For remember, this anchorage is not a stopping point, it is merely a safe haven from where you can continue to explore the wonder that is mankind, mankind in its very new form, the kind that has allowed love to penetrate all the way through all of the dense layers, stripping them off one by one until only this one truth remains: you are LOVE, you are LOVED and you are LOVING.

And now, you will fly away out onto the new winds out into the wild blue yonder, carried aloft by this truth. For now there is no longer anything holding you back, and now you can soar as high as your loftiest dreams and beyond, for now, you have managed to put right what was so wrong, you have mended the rift that was so wide between you and the one you are at heart. For now, you are no longer divided, you are ONE within and so, you will once again learn to be ONE without. And so it is, now and forever. / link to original article

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