Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 14 February 2015


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate it! We are so happy when we see humanity taking time to celebrate love. In our realms, our existence is a celebration of love, for we live and abide in a state of knowing that love is the substance from which we are all made and the substance which joins us all together in a beautiful dance of creation.

So today as you go throughout your day, take time to look around and realize that whether or not you are in love with anyone in the human sense of the word, you are indeed, “In Love” – living and abiding in a creation that was designed to show you the best and most beautiful of all that you are. Look at the sun! This is the light inside of you. Look at a flower. This is your heart blossoming. Look at the diversity of colors in the rainbow. These are all the choices and possibilities that exist within you. Look at a mountain or a solid rock. This is the strength within you. Dear ones, all around you, you can see “you” – the deepest, and truest essence of who you are, the same stuff that you are made of, simply fashioned into different forms.

Breathe… think of something beautiful. How is the essence of this thing or being a part of you? Breathe again… think of something or someone you love. How is the essence of this thing or being a part of you. Breathe one more time… think of something you don’t love so much, or someone you don’t love so much. What is inside of them that perhaps you have not learned yet to be gentle and kind to within yourself?

Love is calling you in everything you see, whether it be the beauty or the less than beautiful. Everything in creation is made of love, everything in creation is attempting to remember love, and everything is beckoning you to feel this love, to summon it up from within you, and to realize there is nothing else beneath it all.

Look around you dear ones. Breathe in all the love that is there for you. Now, after you read this, shut your eyes, and feel our love, for we are there for you too. We see you as nothing less than divinely created beings, beautiful lights upon your planet earth, souls working so diligently to remember who and what they are. Happy Celebration of love dear friends. May you always feel the Love you abide within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Hi Everyone,

People ask me all the time if I’m “in love” and I giggle and answer, “Yes! I’m in love with life!” Years ago I thought being “in love” meant having to have someone special who would validate me, support me, share joy with me, and make my life easier! But I signed up for a different set of lessons and they’ve made my life so amazing that I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Love IS everywhere.

When I take a bit out of an apple, sip some good coffee, or taste the sweet tart amazing grace in fresh orange juice, I feel the amazing love the creator has for us in that one sip or that one bite. When I go out in nature I feel embraced, not just by human hands but by the solidity of the earth, the expansiveness of the sky, the quiet caress of the breeze and the intangible but nonetheless real energy given to us by the trees. When I hug a dog, a friend, a client, a family member, or a stranger, I remember that I am Love looking into the eyes of Love. Truly God is in a dance with him/herself in all the beautiful faces of creation.

So practically speaking, when you get lonely, or feel down, or want someone to love you, that’s beautiful! There is a natural human desire for the warmth of companionship and shared existence, but don’t forget – Love does not wait for a date! Love does not reside or hide only in the eyes and face of another. Love is present in all of creation!

The angels taught me a very simple, humorous exercise once. Some of you have heard this. I was stuck in traffic one day, feeling rushed and unloved and they said, “Ann pretend that Stop sign is the love of your life.” I thought they had really gone crazy, but I know everything they guide me to do has purpose, so I went along with the game. What would I do with the love of my life? Well I’d admire and be grateful for everything about them. So I looked at that stop sign and summoned up all the love within me and proceeded to admire it. I admired its color, its shape, the bright contrasts of the letters, the strength of the metal holding it together…and before long this silly angel game, had drawn out the love from within and had it pouring through me. I had to laugh. They challenged me another day to go about my entire day that way, imagining that everything I came in contact with was “the love of my life.” I can’t even describe how silly, how fun, and how amazing I felt. They reminded me later more seriously, “Ann the vibration of love, is the vibration of love, no matter how you find it or cause yourself to feel it. Love is love and love is what you are all made of.”

So play some loving fun games with creation today. If you have a human (or furry, feathered…) love of your life in front of you admire and appreciate everything about them. Make that a game. If you’re around someone who is irritating and don’t like their bad habits, imagine those are the best habits in the world. I had a friend once who was being very cranky. I decided to love him as I would a little grumpy child. “You’re so cranky! You just need a hug!” Suddenly he was trying so hard to hang on to his grumpiness but couldn’t! We burst out laughing. Another time a man I was dating in my younger years was yelling at me, as he did every day, and suddenly I was able to find the love. I started giggling at the absurdity of the tantrum and felt compassion. “Why are you laughing?” he demanded. “Because you’re so angry and you’re yelling at me and its so silly! You’ve been mad since childhood. I’m so sorry you’re so mad. Its not about me.” I started laughing more, probably from feeling the freedom of not taking it personally. He couldn’t stay angry. He burst out laughing. “You’re right,” he said! “I’m mad at my mother.” From this realization he was able to do some healing!

Love is the most amazing catalytic, creative force in the universe. There are times when it is so easy to summon up within us – when faced with beauty, kindness, and the love of others. There are times when its not so easy and the best we can do is first love ourselves enough to get away from the unpleasantness. But in any case, as the angels say, Love is Love!

Happy Valentine’s to those of you who celebrate. I love you! Shut your eyes and see if you can feel it… I’m so grateful we’re on this journey together!

Have a blessed week,
Ann / link to original article


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