Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Entering Alternate Realities – 15 February 2015

LarryLarsonFebruary 15, 2015

Inner Circle Reader: My question to the Twelve was to be about the many “you’s” we all are at the same time and how we go to the parallel Universe where they live. How when we look for the best in others we go to where that is.

It will be easier if you think of yourself as being composed of many “you’s,” by letting go of your conception of yourself as you are now, and allowing yourself to enter your broader nonphysical perspective. The key element being “letting go.” You cannot enter any place for which you are not a vibrational match. So in order to enter into any other version of you living in any alternate reality, you have to quit being a vibrational match for you as you experience yourself now, and become a vibrational match for that alternate you. It’s the same for all of your creating, you see.

So the practice that we would share is to sit quietly and vividly imagine being in that alternate place. When you vividly imagine the being, doing or having of anything, what you are creating is an alternate version of you. You are a vibrational being. You are altering your vibration and becoming that which you want to be. You are changing your point of attraction and that is the way you take yourself there.

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