AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Invisible Warriors, Meet The Millennials – 16 February 2015

by Conchita PerezEileen MeyerI’m inspired to state the obvious today. Life is friggin’ weird right now, and it’s pretty great too. Egoic, fear-based definitions, rules, and identities are fading, and thankfully losing all meaning and power. That life that came before? Well, that was pure hell. And wasn’t it just downright exhausting to be judged as the crazy ones in a sea of insanity?

All we had was the palpable beacon in the center of our hearts – perhaps a direct line to the center of the cosmos – feeding, supporting, nurturing, and reminding us of what was actual, what was real, what was true. I don’t know why, but it seems we were directly linked with the frequency of HOME as we ran the distance here on Earth – waiting, watching, and breathlessly wondering if you would ever show up. We had a weird baton in our hands that we couldn’t explain to anyone. Our minds could not make sense of it, but our hearts were tireless, bold, and strong. We just knew that we needed to deliver it to 3D-Earth’s, 21st Century.

So this is why I want to acknowledge and voice my appreciation to all of the Invisible Warriors – the ones who awakened decades ago. And holy mother of god, isn’t it amazing that we’re still here? Obviously, my hat is off to the awakened ones from centuries ago as well, but for now, we speak of the ones who are alive on Earth at this momentous timing.

Millennials.The-WorldHello Millennials! Don’t ignore us or wait for us to die off so you can fix this mess and start over with more of humanity’s multidimensional capacities at your fingertips. I know it seems stupid, the fear that we collectively bought into, and the horrors that we inflicted upon this planet and each other. But I simply ask that you access your built-in empath button and hear this…

Millennials, you came in with an operating system that is far more active and “on-line” with humanity’s crazy-infinite potential. It’s truly amazing to see, and we’re so relieved and grateful that you have arrived. We, on the other hand, were born behind bars, directly into environments that were thick with ancestral pain and wounding. From our viewpoint, all that you Millennials required was just an inkling of love and support in your early years… and well, you were off and running – armed with a big heart and an intelligence that us Invisible Warriors are screaming-happy about. Can you hear our cheering voices on the sidelines? Yay Millennials! You’re strong, confident, smart, and hello!!! VISIBLE!

It seems that we ran our segment of the relay race, and are now handing the baton off to you. If this is so, some of us are wondering why we are still here. Those of us who have been brave enough to speak all of this out loud are finding each other, and through our hugs and tears of joy and relief, we’re beginning to understand more of what this has all been about. You see, even as a child I instinctively knew that the structures and systems built on the “sands of insanity” were all going to fall down. I’ve heard other Invisibles share this knowing as well. It seems that someone or something kept informing us of the truth – through our heart consciousness – something that was not even acknowledged as real in the existing matrix of our time. As a child, I could see and name the insanity before I even had the proper vocabulary to do so. I could also “remember” and see the future celebration – when humanity awakened into their fullness. And HERE we are.

Millennials, instead of judging us all for what seems like a lack of integrity and an unconscious, disconnected presence (believe me, I get it), imagine what it was like for the Invisible Ones to continue to carry this Love and Presence – All-One with the Center of Creation, yet so excruciatingly a-lone with our fellow humans. We had no one (with skin on) to validate what we knew to be true – about the insanity of the programmed matrix, as well as an awareness of our infinite potential. That’s why you may hear us saying, “F*ck. I’m still here. How is this even possible?” After diving into the depths of what fragmented and hijacked consciousness can create on a planet, we began to experience what seemed like rapid-fire, pre-ordained shock therapy over our lifetimes. This came in the form of conscious contact with inter-dimensional intelligence, near-death experiences, and a variety of other extreme doses of MORE. The result? Many from our generations simply “died from the distance”. These brave and courageous Invisible Warriors were swallowed up, one-by-one, into the huge chasm between what we KNOW… and what we were told.

So yes, it may seem that we’re all just a big, clueless collective, but it’s not true. The Invisibles are on board with your enormous capacities to shift humanity into its heart, AND unveil the technologies that have been suppressed – technologies that will open the prison doors and free the slaves once and for all! Hell, we came here to anchor this Mutha-F*ckin’ New-Earth template, and we’re just now starting to grasp the enormity of this revelation.

Who am I? What do I love?

This Larger-Heart Intelligence informs me that if we are able to answer this 2-in-one question without dressing it in old-paradigm clothing, well, chances are you’ll be staying and working with the Millennials (and whoever is coming down the pike next) to build this New Earth.

I know what I love. I love everything about recovery, healing, and fully embracing the evolution of human consciousness on Earth. For most of my life it felt like a curse to be taken through one radical transformation of consciousness after another, but today I’m quite aware of the blessings… and the purpose of it all.

To the Millennials, so VERY nice to meet you. Welcome. And to my fellow Invisible Warriors – STAY. I love you. I appreciate you. And congratulations… we did it.

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