Lisa Gawlas – The Black Hole Of The 24th… – 218 February 2015

lisagawlas2I do believe I am seeing a pattern happening with my brain.  One day its made of peanut butter, the next day clear as a bell, then to peanut butter again and this, a very clear day!!  Yesterday was a fruitless day in reading land, no seeing or hearing and a building of a massive headache in my brain.  I felt hypersensitive to everything, voice, thought, air, didn’t matter.  I decided to take a swim just to see if I could decompress.  I just barely put my ass in the bath water and in complete surround sound I hear “Your life is about to change.”  Like it’s not changing already!!  When spirit talks to me, it’s an incoming voice/energy usually directly in front of me, sometimes to one side or the other, but not ever in full surround sound as if I had an astronaut’s helmet on and the voice came out of the entire helmet.  Whatever they are talking about is not only big, it’s completely.  By the end of the bath, I simply said, bring it on in whatever way it needs to happen, however it affects and changes my life, I’m in for the long haul, for the greater good of whatever we are doing.

When I got out of the bath, ohhhh heaven, my brain was completely still for the remainder of the day.  No incoming information, no floating puzzle pieces, nothing.   Quite.  I have not felt this since February started, at all.  I had wondered if I crashed my hard drive along the way.  I realize this morning, it was a complete change out of the my hard drive.  I went to sleep early and had the most amazing and odd night.  The human slept more sound than I can remember sleeping in a very long time.  Yet, the consciousness that is me, witnessed an entire nights activity.  Not lucid dreaming at all, just the consciousness witnessed the work being done.

Above my body, the entire length of my bed, a gold infinity sign was created about 4 feet above my body.  In the loop that was at the lower half of my body were all these dots of golden energy, on the upper part, long strands, maybe about 2 feet long of golden energy, kinda looked like stiff strings.  Then, they took another infinity sign and put it over my computer chair, smaller in size, but with the same details.  Then they were back in my bedroom and then folded the infinity sign in half, so that the two circles were now intermingled as one.  The dots and strings intermingling.  Then, on top of the infinity sandwich, another was creating, but instead of two loops connecting, it was two triangles connected at the points.  This time tho, the dots of energy that was placed in the lower half were various shades of red, blue and super light gold.  The strings I think remained all gold.  Then again, back out here to my computer chair to tweak (I guess) the smaller infinity sign and align it (somehow) with the triangle sign.  This work continued all night long.  I have no idea what they were doing and what it means but it was amazing to witness, stunning to see.

Yesterday or the day before, my team gave me a question to ponder, for us to ponder.  We look at the life cycle of the caterpillar and know that one day it will turn into the butterfly.  Have we ever gave thought to what the butterfly changes into in its transformation?  (I had no idea lol.  This morning they are giving us the reply, that a change in itself!! lol)

Because we can see with our physical eyes the caterpillar, the cocoon and even the butterfly we think that’s all there is.  The caterpillar learns of the earth itself, the butterfly learns of the air, and the moment it ceases to fly it becomes the master of the ground and air as one unencumbered Being.  We are in that phase right now.  Unlike with the butterfly, we shall not leave the embodiment of biology, but use it as our navigational system.  However, just like the butterflies full surrender into its next phase, WE must be willing to fully surrender to everything we knew, thought and even, expected for true emergence.  Bringing to fullness the phrase “If you could have it all….?”

A couple days ago I was looking for my notebook that I have kept over the years that contained all of Archangel Michael’s pendulum, quantum physics messages he gave me thru the years.  Instead, I found a notebook open to a page, a message given to a friend from AA Michael when she came to visit.  It lingered long and hard in my eyes and in my heart.  Let me share it with you:

“Never settle for less than that which makes your heart sing, especially in these times.  Too much is at stake.”

I thought about something I put on my eharmony profile last year, which of course, fell dead in the waters.  I put something like I wanted someone who knew how to create and move mountains together.  Somethings, just fly out of my fingers that I do not fully understand the depths of, at least, not right away.

Listening to the audio book “The Isaiah Effect” by Gregg Braden and hearing the words from the scroll thru Gregg’s understanding, something much larger started to appear in my understandings.  First lets start with the word that Isaiah does talk about:

The apocalypse. The word apocalypse means to disclose or reveal.  Yet we have changed it to mean something horrific.  In a way, it can be horrific when you realize all that you thought was true, is not.

In this scroll and the beautify of Gregg Braden to really understand what is written Isaiah talks about the mountain and Zion, the place where all is taken care of, no hunger, no illness, ect.  Of course, scholars have been looking for a literal mountain.  Thru the wisdom of Gregg’s ability to see it for what was really written let me give you excerpts from the book.

The Mountain:  “On this mountain the Lord of hosts will begin to provide for all peoples.  On this mountain he will destroy the veil that veils all people, the web that is woven over all nations.  He goes on to talk about this mountain that is the shelter from the elements and the storms that we can expect in our time in history…”

(Just a note, Gregg talks about the “pay-shar” spelled phonetically, translation of the text, which is giving this true meaning of Isiah.)

In (payshar translation of) Hebrew texts, mountain means Zion, which is a symbol of the heavenly Jerusalem.  In Hebrew the word Jerusalem becomes the word (again, spelled phonetically since I am taking this from the audiobook and I cannot see the spelling) Jeru-sa-liam. This word translates to “The vision of peace.”  Which is a quality of consciousness!  “The vision of peace will provide for all peoples.”

Isaiah also shared in this 3000 year old text, as I mentioned yesterday, about vertical time, choice points and deciding which outcome you shall experience.  He goes onto share a vision of our current moment, actually, two visions occupying the very same place and the very same timeline.  One of the destruction of earth by her inhabitants, droughts and famines, disease and the like.  At the same time a completely different scenario, one where waters burst asunder in the deserts and drought laiden lands.  Where flowers bloom where there was only waste lands.  Two very starkly different events happening at the same time.

Which brings me to a book I read some many years ago “Mass Dreams of the future” by Chet B. Snow and Helen Wambach.  Thru years of future life progressions, Chet realized there were three very different scenarios people were experiencing in their hypnosis sessions.  One was of a devastated earth, barren, people thirsty and hungry.  One of a lush and abundant earth, joy and love and laughter unyielding and one of living on ET ships trying to heal the earth.

Which do you choose?

We, together, are building this mountain, this heavenly vision of peace.  Shambhala.  Peace can only be held within, shined outwards as the quality of your life.  Not inflicted upon others, but fully and completely expressed as you.

And so I bring back Archangel Michael’s little, but so deep in meaning, message: settle for nothing less than what makes your heart sing.  You cannot build a mountain if you’re tethered to chaos, unpleasantries and the like.  It is like a bird being tangled in the briar and forgotten it has wings to fly up and away from it.  Your heart is your wings.

Now, to completely change the subject, yet, there has got to be a relationship because I was just going to close this sharing out, until I was reminded…

There is a huge anomaly happening with my online calendar.  In the background of my calendar, I pad every appointment with an extra 30 minutes so no one is booking on top of each other.  Meaning, if you book a 30 minute reading, my calendar clears an hour.  When I need a day off, I clear the entire day on my end so that no one can set an appointment on that day.

Several days ago, I noticed that on February 24th at noon, my calendar allowed a booking that should have never gotten in there.  I already have an 11:30 thru noon appointment, which should have totally cleared the 11:30 to 12:30 time slot.  I also have a 1pm appointment, which should mean ain’t no possible way of sliding in between the two.  But it happened and I emailed my man and explained that time is full.  I took him out of that slot and placed him elsewhere.  The every next day, dammit if that time slot didn’t get filled by someone else.  Truly an impossibility, so I send her an email, get her changed and moved and completely booked myself off for the rest of the day.  So, that time for noon on the 24th should have a double barricade, one from existing appointments, one from my clearing the entire time slots.  This morning, I realized that someone is once again sitting at the noon timeslot on the 24th.  Truly an impossibility… yet… there she is.

A black hole has opened up on my calendar for one date at a very specific time.  Noon my time, on the 24th.

With that thought I hear yet another term that had come thru the readings over the years:  It is the absolute “event horizon.”  So I do what I do best when I cannot recall the meaning of science terms… I googled it:

e·vent ho·ri·zon

  1. a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.
    • a point of no return.
      “we’re nearing the event horizon of the presidential election”  (We are nearing the event horizon of the Mountain of Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem.)

Then again, black holes were pretty prevalent in the readings then too.  All of this was.  We had two years to absorb it, become it, live it.

We are Now Here.

So I leave you with a song in closing, from the currents of AC/DC:

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of all the unimaginable becoming not only imaginable, but REAL!!!

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