Laura Bruno – The Tower Card – 19 February 2015


It’s Tower Time! Actually, I was reminded of this 2012 post by Amanda’s most recent post on Embracing the Tarot, and in particular, the Tower Card:
The Tower Card is my favorite card, because it represents raw potential for change. Do we accept what we’ve summoned from the depths of our souls and heights of our spirit? Or do we need a Divine Intervention to “help” things along? Either way, when the Tower shows up, change comes calling…….

Originally posted on Laura Bruno’s Blog:

A few days ago, I mentioned how the increased militarization and decreased rights of the US all feel “very 9 of Swords to me,” as in “Awakening from the Nightmare.” Some people dread that card, yet emphasis and attitude determine how the card plays out. Do we choose to focus on the Awakening or the nightmare? Do we look around with an intense sigh of relief, feeling so grateful for the contrast between the Real and what only seemed “real” in a fear-based dreamscape? Or do we continue to scare ourselves by fixating on the nightmare? Tarot cards offer glimpses of our current possibilities. Ultimately, we decide what we do with any given energy or opportunity.

Another card that keeps leaping to mind lately is The Tower Card, which shows a giant tower being struck by lightning (haha! Freudian typo’d lightening) and people on either side catapulting from…

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