Lisa Gawlas – The Binary Codes Of The Greatest Computers Ever Invented… US!!! – 19 February 2015

lisagawlas2Yup, its a peanut butter morning in my head, thick and slow-moving.  At the same time, I became very aware yesterday that with this new hard drive called my brain, not all previous programs were installed on my new hard drive.  Talk about a memory wipe!!  It seems, only the vital, workable programs (memories) are running in the background.  Let me tell you, with the massive flood of incoming information thru February, this is a pleasant state of Being!!!

I pondered that infinity sign most of yesterday, coupled with wonderful information from the beautiful souls who share upon my facebook wall.  One of the triggers came from a soul named Melanie and she wrote (in part): Lisa, Oh my! So much is triggered in me as my eyes devour your writings! Three random things fly into my mind this morning….
One thing: – If viewed directly at it’s end, a string will appear as a dot; two circles stacked flat on top of each other then viewed from above or below will appear the same as a collapsed spiral does. Ya know those nylon and spiral wire play tubes for children to crawl thru? Playhut is one brand- easy to collapse and hold closed with Velcro tabs…the golden infinity symbol feels like a tube being woven from intersecting timelines pouring in—>hello Dreamweaver song.

The fact she inserted dreamweaver into the closing of that part of her sharing, had me sit up and look/process further.  What I didn’t know 15 years ago, but do with absolute clarity now, one of my guides (not a guide at all) back then would come in and make my whole body throb like a heartbeat and when I asked him his name, he always played the title clip to the dreamweaver song.  Today, I know that was my God Source, back then, god was still a mean old man outside of me.

Spirals, Opening and closing.  Couple that information with a constant that I kept feeling in seeing the dots and long strings, the 0’s and 1’s used to create computer code.  Not that I am familiar with code in any way shape or form, but when something parks itself at the forefront of my mind, I pay attention.  But I did this morning what I do anytime information rises within me, I took to wikipedia!!  Two sentances gives me a… hmmmmm….

“A binary code represents text or computer processor instructions using the binary number system‘s two binary digits, 0 and 1. A binary code assigns a bit string to each symbol or instruction. …

Leibniz encountered the I Ching through French Jesuit Joachim Bouvet and noted with fascination how its hexagrams correspond to the binary numbers from 0 to 111111, and concluded that this mapping was evidence of major Chinese accomplishments in the sort of philosophical mathematics he admired.

…Binary numerals were central to Leibniz’s theology. He believed that binary numbers were symbolic of the Christian idea of creatio ex nihilo or creation out of nothing.(My bold underscore there.)

There now seems to a much bigger reason why so many people are not only connected, but triggered by the series of 1’s. 1:11, 11:11, 11:11:11

Putting that on hold, I also had to ponder, why over my bed and over my computer chair??  I do readings a completely different place and do my “consciousness processing” in another place too.  Why not 4 of these things??  Well, I got an answer!!

Our connections, whether it is in readings of in ET-ville serves to add more running programs to my already installed software.  My conscious mind does all it can to put the pieces together in its running programs.  You can look at this as installing new software (you are the disc) and letting it install on the hard drive (the wait time for it to completely install.)

When I go to sleep at night, that is when the computer is completely rebooted and the days incoming light and processing is now installed as a working program.  I gotta giggle, I hear spirit referring to me as one of a few “main frame computers” on earth.  I should have come with computer savvy then!! lol

I have dedicated myself to taking the information that I have processed and share it outwards with you.  Creating software upgrades to any of the satellite computers connected to the mainframe and all the satellites installing upgrades into the mainframe (nothing is one way, ever.)  But, like any computer, you can be handed a disc for ongoing programming, but if you never install it, it is simply a potential for expansion.  This is why thru the years we have suggested you take the imagery and energy into your own meditation and expand what was given you.  Some do… most don’t.

If I got a new software program and looked at the disc, read all the information that came with the disc (which is what our readings do to each other) and never take it deeper than that, it is like never taking the disc out of the box and installing it on the most advanced computer ever invented… YOU.

Now, lets scoot back around to the infinity sign with binary codes separated by the twist of the symbol.  All the 0’s were in the lower half, all the strings in the upper half (going in relationship to my body.)  Couple that with the added layer above the infinity symbol of the two triangles connected at the single point, reminds me of ET-ville and their arrival thru the slits that turned into a V to step thru.

Now couple this with a sharing from another beautiful soul called Melissa on facebook:   awesome sharings my brain seems to have only moments of clarity right now. In some of those moments Esther and I have been having a conversation about sine waves. They come in different shapes: rounded, square, triangle, etc. They each serve to communicate in a unique way. Steve says the triangle is for brief communication – a control sign. I wonder if the first infinity loop is a rounded sine wave and the triangular one is a triangle sine wave? What we are noodling on now is how we can deliberately step into the space of triggering and using each one for its purpose. I know we do it “accidentally” through desire and emotion. What if we can partner our beautiful brains with our hearts to choose for specific creation? I could choose a specific wave pattern to move my body from one location to another. Or I could choose to have a banana fresh from a tree. Playing with these ideas.

Putting that on pause for a moment, the other day when I was looking thru all the art stored on this blog for the gyroscope, my eyes fell onto this peice of work and instantly, I knew (not consciously) this is important to whatever we are understanding now.  This is the art/information:


fibonacci spiral

Again, I know nothing of the Fibonacci scale, expect it too came thru reading after reading over the years.  But if we look at the spiral itself, and the closed dots in the infinity symbol I am talking about, then the 1’s must connect with very particular 0’s to create an opening, a shift.

Reading Melissa and Esther’s joined effort and practice (good on ya ladies!!) instantly I became very aware of three elements that MUST be present for creation:  1. A harmonic, 2. an emotion and 3. the energy, full vibrational output from within the body.  With this third one I could see the energy within a body rising up in a way that just reminded me of a massive ton of sperm, a very light gold sperm flowing upwards from the feet thru the entire body system.  It so reminded me of an orgasm.  Even with that, I hear a sentence given long ago “life springs forth on the orgasmic flow of the creator.”  Not literal orgasm, but the energy that is orgasm.  Joy untethered.

Again, for the last several years, thru soooooo many readings, spirit has been talking, insisting that we learn our emotional field and the harmonics that go with it.  This is creator creating.

But all of this went one big giant step beyond what has been given thru the years.  Going with Melissa’s desire for a banana, instantly I was shown the most important element to create a banana in your personal space.  Be one with the banana.  Feel its energy, its aliveness, its desires, to be in such an intimate partnership with the banana itself brings the molecular structure into your reality.

Suddenly, I was vividly aware of what I call, “my beginnings.”  Well, my active beginnings beyond my bathtub, lol.  The mountainside in Vermont.  A gift of growth allowed me by the two people who owned that 33 acre mountainside, Annie and Wayne.

Earth became so alive, so conscious and communicative.  The grass had desires, the flowers had desires, the dirt itself had desires.  And that amazing and freakin barberry bush.  My relationship with that amazing bush tells the bigger story of what is happening now.  I have it on my website and am just going to copy and paste it from there, to here:

I sat at the feet of a Barberry Bush and talked to it as if it was human.  I asked if it wanted to be pruned, it said no.  I asked if there was any way it could possibly grow up, backwards and sideways, just not over the rock… and it said yes, if I promised to feed its roots.  I thought… I can do that, altho I can’t tell you I believed that it would be compliant, I was just excited about the potential.
I fed it my coffee grounds every day, added in whatever leftovers we had, sat and prayed at its feet and gave thanks for talking to me.  I shared many a sunrise in the presence of the bush and the rock… learned about the meaning of co-operation and co-munication together with my new friend the bush.
I will never forget the day when Annie and Wayne came to the camp for a visit.  I think it was in September.  Wayne looked outside the camp to see this Barberry bush flaming red.  He asked, quite puzzled, what is that on the bush?  Ummmmm lots of berries?  I said more questioning than stating anything.  Its a berry bush…. what else would you expect.  He had said in the 22 years he had owned the camp that the bush never produced a berry.  Well dah!!  If you keep pruning it…..!  Sometimes, life just wants to grow!
But even more amazing was the fact that only one single limb reached over the rock. as if to hug it, or perhaps to protect it, or maybe even both.  The rest of the bush grew up, backwards and sideways, but not over the rock.  How did I not realize that until Sept.?  I think both Annie and Wayne were simply speechless…  

We tend to feel only our own emotions, our own desires, even thru the “desires” it’s what we think of.  Expand the emotional field and then we get that.  Nope.  Connect to “that,” feel it as intimately as you feel yourself, a true partnership.  Maybe “that” is not ready to come to you, or needs to do other things to be ready…

This ties in with loving all things as you love yourself.  Lets change the banana to an ear of corn.  We all know corn can get some serious hate vibes thanx to the wonderful teacher/creator called Monsanto.  Ohhh the hate and judgement that goes into the GMO creation taints every ear, every kernel of corn you (not me) will ever eat.  I say not me, cuz I love it all, honor it all, it is ALL Creation.  What you put out in feeling comes back to you in nourishment and affects your entire reality construct.

Ohhh this so puts the bubble of creation or the hyper accelerated matrix (one and the same analogy) into a larger context for Now.  You are in your own biosphere of created reality.  Any judgement, bias, fear, name it, weakens the biosphere you create with.  It creates short circuits.  What you exhale in feeling you bring back into you as a source of creative energy.

This really brings back the repetitive information from spirit “It’s not what goes into your mouth that (creates) matter, it’s what comes out that matters.”

If your madly and helplessly in love with it ALL, well there is a power source unlike any other.  The true and full God Source in Body.

I had always wondered why on earth I had or even needed that experience, those 8 months on the mountainside in Vermont… today, it is vividly clear.  You MUST partner with earth before you can fully engage in our next phase.  Partner, not just love it, not just appreciate it, but BE it too!!  Learn the true language of light on earth and you can open doors you never imagined being available!!

In the close of my day yesterday, again, still pondering the enormity and actual workability of what is coming thru, spirit gave us an example I am going to use in story form here, using the analogy of the car.

We have the brilliant architects of the work creating blueprints of a brand new design… a car.  We have the engineers that understand the materials to use to put this amazing potential together.  We have the laborers who are so skilled at putting the materials together from the blueprints and before you know it… there is a new invention, a car.  Its pretty, it took a group effort to dream it and create it.  But now what??  In order for it to move, it needs a fuel source.  A very specific fuel source designed to make it run.  You cannot stick trees or soda in the tank, well, you can, but the car will break down… it is designed for a specific fuel and only that fuel will make it do what it is designed to do.

Us too.

Pure, unconditional, unwavering Love of ALL things, ALL THINGS!!

On that note… what harmonics (or static) are you tuned to???

((((((HUGZ))))) of massive symphonies of Love made manifest!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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