Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul February 17th – 19 February 2015

Uploaded on 17 February 2015 by Tom Lescher

With bold determination,
I set my course and go,
Knowing that conscious attention,
Will help me reach my goal.

Yup! The danger these days can be just getting so nervous, scared, frustrated, or pissed enough to just act (or react) without thinking. This may not achieve your desired results as the New Moon in Aquarius is all about community (as in everyone gets their say) and the Sun conjuncting Neptune is not self oriented in the least. Great acts of courage, protection, and leadership can have profound results though so go for it!

I hope that the new software gives you a better sense and is a learning tool for those interested in more astrology! May you start off this new cycle of love (Venus conjunct Mars) with joy in your heart and light in your stride. Injoy!

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